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Cheap helmet bluetooth devices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tonee, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Just would like to know if anyone has any experience on cheap helmet bluetooth handsfree devices from ebay? I'm still a student so please don't flame me to buy the real deal because I can't afford them.

    I'm looking at something like this:

    Which looks very similar to Scala Rider Q2....maybe from the same factory?

  2. I had one of those, but I only used it for music or telephone calls. Works OK for what it is. It was a bit of a pain b/c I couldn't get my iPhone to start the music automatically using this, whereas my SMH10 that I have now does it.

    For a starter, it should be OK, but you might find after awhile that you want an upgrade. I can't say what it was like as an intercom tho.
  3. what do you want to do with it? Just listen to music? Take / make calls? intercom?
  4. That's fair, I can see myself eventually upgrading until I have more excess funds.

    Just for music and calls. Intercom is just an extra which I will probably only use IF I know someone else with it.
  5. The other thing I found was that I could answer calls, but not make them.

    Also, unlike my SMH10 the battery doesn't last the distance for an all day ride. Plus I don't think the charger is USB (I have a USB charge point on the bike).

    But those things may not concern you. I bought mine when I needed a cheap alternative, and it did what I expected of a cheap unit.
  6. I guess 100hrs standby time (7hrs talking time) is over estimated. I just had a look at the photos and that is quite an odd charging adaptor it uses.

    Thanks for the heads up, now I know what to expect. I usually just commute, the day twistie rides are quite rare for me.
  7. It might be a US plug. I seem to remember buying an adaptor for it.

    It'll do just fine for commuting.
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  8. I've got the BT Interphones too, bought as rider to pillion intercom, GPS and telephone. They are fine for intercom up to about 90 but beyond that at least it signals that I should slow down if there's something wrong; at lower speeds voice is clear and we can talk normally. GPS voice instructions are clear at all speeds and telephone calls are surprisingly clear at all speeds. Music is a bit tinny and too soft, but I'd go back to in-canal earplugs if I really wanted music. All of this is heard through earplugs by the way, as the Nolan N102 is a bit loud. That probably affects the clarity issue at speed. Battery life is good, they're easy to fit and the units seem plenty tough. I'm happy, as I can't justify $300 to $400 per unit for intercoms.
  9. I paid around that for two SMH10s, and I CAN justify the difference. So much easier to use, better sound, better compatibility with my iPhone etc etc.

    ETA: Just under $400 for both.
    But in the end, it's what you can afford/justify at the time.
  10. I use the BT intercom and find it really good. I mainly use it for music and occasionally for intercom. Sound is fairly clear. If you can scratch up the couple of extra bucks to buy the slightly dearer (as in the one street master recommended) you will be better off.
  11. I use the BT as well. I love it because it has radio :).............

    In my view the others are over rated and cost 3 times more money for not much more features.............

    I have the 500m range, radio, and all other features. The speaker doesnt have as much bass and wont be as clear at speed as proper ear plugs but thats a given..........

    Its pretty easy to use, turn your headset on and play your music on your phone..........just remember to not turn your headset off while still playing some teeny boopy song..............it can be pretty embarrassing when the sound comes out of the phone speaker for everyone to hear lol!
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  12. Lucky me, the_blacke has generously donated his BT Intercom. Looking forward to play with it :dance:

    Thanks mate
  13. I have the one streetmaster linked to.. ive modded the headphones and it works like a dream.. even as an intercom.
  14. In what way did you mod the headphones and what benefits did you gain?
  15. Have modded twice now.. (second time tonight so yet to test and maybe a 3rd try to come..)

    The speakers in the cheap units are nasty.. tinny and yuck .. barely even useful for speech.. so i cut up a pair of behind the neck headphones.. (cheapies..) cut and soldered them into the system.. sounded GREAT..

    Tonight i soldered in a proper pair of helmet speakers.. (bit thiner and softer etc) so as to make it more comfortable with my DIY ear mold ear plugs.. will see how it goes tomorrow.. if its no good im going to actually mold a pair of ear canal headphones into the ear molds.. and see how that works.. but i will have to wire in a 3.5mm jack to do that so i can put in ear plugs before putting on helmet and then plug the ear plugs into the system on the side of the helmet without having stuff dangling around too much.
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  16. That's a great idea!