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Cheap Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by RussellDP, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Gee, I wonder if they are any good, might be decent enough for the DR for my morning ride to work.
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  2. the cable pointing inwards may hit switch gear.
    the 10-15W may be enough, but Oxford grips use up to 28W per side (or similar)
    on their website, they say for scooters? Motorcycle / Scooter Heated Hand Grips - 22 mm
    total length is 140mm, so the grip part may be a bit short?

    probably worth a gamble for little money.. but $40 vs $125 for Oxford, for a product that is known to work.. hmm
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  3. Yeah, I looked at Oxfords, and I am not entirely sure I need heated grips at all, but I would struggle to justify putting a $130.00 accessory on a bike that I wouldn't be planning on keeping for a good deal longer than I will stay with the Hyo
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  4. in that case, give it a crack :) if they're good enough, I might do also ;)
    heck, even if they work a little bit (assuming they work at all), better than nothing!
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  5. There's also the hour or 2 you have to invest in getting them on. For $80 more, I'd go the Oxfords.
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  6. I have had oxford grips on all my main bikes, certainly contemplating ordering on of those the next time I order from thirdgear
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  7. yes. put a pair on this afternoon. i am not mechanical or electrical. pretty easy. wired directly to battery. some time in the future will wire into ignition.they get hot but will have to wait till weekend to see if hand keep nice and hot. only tricky bit was connectng throttle cable- needed 3 hands so called a mate.
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  8. I bought a cheap pair on Wednesday night via eBay, they were shipped that night and I am awaiting their arrival. Will likely be a project for next week - or maybe next weekend more likely.
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  9. rode for 2 hours around melb metro. they certanly got hot.. hghest temp (70deg) was very hot. very happy. now we have to so how long they last
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  10. I would suggest that the ones I get when they arrive wil outlast my ownership of this particular bike.
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  11. am finding my grips fantastic, but as i said i wired then dietly to battery not to an gnition switch positive wire. therefore if i leave on and bike off my battery goes flat. guess what? i left on- battery flat. thank heavens for a battery charger. my advise is now obvivous. next job find that orange wire.
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  12. Mone have just arrived. Im finding a little bind on the throttle that im trying to solve at the moment
  13. So after fitting my Oxfords this past weekend my only warning would be the following

    To fit the grips over your throttle tube you will probably need to do some filing and then glue the grips on to keep them from moving around. You only get one shot at it. If the cheap pair don't work, you might end up having to get a new throttle tube (which, if you have an MV , you cannot buy alone - only the full throttle assy with the ride by wire sensors)

    Really hope it works out for you. Try to wire the power supply through a ignition switchable source to keep from draining your battery. The Oxford controller picks up that the bike is not running and switches off
  14. i used powder graphite on my throttle side handlebar to make it as smooth as silk. if the snap back is then not as you like it adjust yr throttle cable (nut right where cable enters throttle housing) and retighten
  15. All done, was just a burr on the edge of the throttle retaining ring, so polished that off and its smooth now. Last night while installing I lost the mini glass fuse, but replaced the fuse holder tonight with a regular sized fuse of the same amperage as they are much easier to find. Had the switch on for a couple of minutes before and it was much warmer
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  16. good luck. they will solve some of the problem but still need winter gloves. with luck I should be doing great ocean road on friday back to melb on sunday, hoping it does not rain
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