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Cheap Grog

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tone2, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. So a mate of mine went to an auction and bought 7 cases of beer for $50. Past its best before date; Ed Hardy Premium Lager. Designer wanker got a Mexican brewery to make beer at a cheap price and labelled it. Tastes a bit rubbish on its own but add some lime (like other Mexican beers) and its fine. Just drank 5 and I'm not complaining. Mind you he gave me 2 cases for free.

    So apart from bragging via my beer buzz, what good cheap experiences have you had with our favourite drug?

  2. Don't really have any of my own, as I make most of my own booze. Although I have enjoyed the the various trips I've made to Thailand with its $7 bottles of whiskey :).

    I do however remember one from when I was a kid when my old man noticed an old (and very good) bottle of port on the top shelf of the local pub and decided to order a glass. This particular pub had just been taken over by new owners who were new to the game and had no idea what port even was - so they just poured and priced it as if it were red wine.

    Needless to say the old man went back quite a few more times, but once the bottle got close to empty and they priced up a new one he had to find a new place to drink :LOL:.
  3. Nice.

    I'm a fan of Port, sometimes spend about $30. But if I'm feeling cheap about $13 for a bottle. Not game to try the stuff that is $10 for a 2L flagon, cheap but still scarred to try it.
  4. If you're patient have a look on ebay or a local homebrew store for untoasted oak shavings. Put 10-20g or so into the flagon and the longer it sits, the better it will get (how long it needs to sit depends on how fussy you are :)).

    Edit: Oh and the same thing will work with better quality port as well.
  5. Just back from nearly 8 weeks in China. About $4 for a 500ml bottle of spirits. 42 or 43% I'm no spirits drinker, but I could polish off a bottle on my own, drinking it neat, during the course of an extended meal. I have never been so pissed for such an extended period of time in my entire life.

    Edit -actually I lie. I will re phrase and say "since the last time I was there"
  6. $7 for a case of Jelen beer in Serbia, (standard price over there) bloody good beer also
  7. If you can stomach cheap wine, the casks of Morris Cabernet Sauvignon or the De Bortoli Semillon Sauvignon Blanc are both around $18-20 for 4 litres and shit on most of the rubbish cleanskins that people buy.
  8. Might have to give those a try sometime. Althought the cleanskins I normally buy are pretty good, and are around the same price (including free home delivery):

    I'm also a fan of their "everyday drinking" collections since they're only around $7 a bottle - but are as good if not better than many of the $15-30 bottles I've tried. Give them a few years in a cellar and they get even better. I once won 3 bottles of their '03 Viognier which was really, really good - but at $70 a bottle I'd rather buy the current batch and wait :).
  9. $20 for 24 litres of beer.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how do you brew 24 litres for that price?
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    All grain brewing usually ends up a bit cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk.

    $1.50 a kg for grain- 1kg =4-5 l. Plus hops depending on the batch usually less than $5 a batch unless your doing something really hoppy. Keep your yeast strains going for as long as you like.