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Cheap/good tyres for the western suburbs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by simmbr, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys

    I have $300 left from my stimulus package (thank you Rudd) after buying a Helmet and other stuff, and wanted to spend the rest of the money on a rear bike tyre for my Honda VT250 Spada. I got a quote from my local bike service place for $169 + $20 for fitment for either a Bridgestone or Michelin tyre (don't know the details of the tyre). Does this seem reasonable, and can anyone recommend a place in the western suburbs that is cheaper?

    I would like it to be a good mix of price and performance, so not a sh@t tyre, and being a uni student I would like to have some change back from $300. This being my first bike, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. From what i've seen 169+20 for fitment is on the higher side. Here in the ACT most places fit for free so i reccommend finding somewhere that will do the same. You really need to provide the name of the tyre for us to know if it's reasonable. If you do a search for tyres you'll find some topics that mention 250 tyres and their benefits. The general consensus i got is Arrowmax= The Devil from most people anyway
  3. out west, you can go to Westside Motorcycles in Sunshine for cheap tyres - ask for Zoran.
  4. Bridgestone BT-45s have a hard compound down the middle for when you are commuting or at the traffic light grand prix, and a softer compound on the sides for when you are tearing through the twisties on the weekend. I do both and am happy with BT-45s.

    I currently have 12,000 km on mine and estimate I'll get 14,000 km in total. You could go for a stickier / softer compound tyre, but unless you like dragging your knee or riding hard in the wet, I don't see the point in buying something that will wear faster when BT-45s do an excellent job.

    I paid $160 fitted for mine in August 2008. What with the exchange rate crash and all, I estimate it would be $180 fitted today. In any case, shop around. Keep clear of Peter Stevens though. :wink:
  5. like the pervious posts say your choice is pretty much

    dunlop arrowmax =single compound softer slightly better grip slightly faster wearing also about $20 more expensive last about 10000-13000ks
    bridgestone BT45= dual compound better if you ride to uni everyday lasts about 3000-4000ks longer than arrowmax can give just as good grip as the arrowmax but take a bit long to warm up and get to that point

    there are other tyres you can use but often their odd fits and wont perform as well as these 2

    i currently have arrowmax on my bike and have found them a good tyre but now the rear is bald and the front is hard as stone so ill be changing to BT45 next month because i do alot of commuting.
  6. I need a set of tyres as well and was thinking of going for a ride to Treads and Things in Ringwood to get a set fitted.

    Want to come for a ride to Ringwood?
  7. most of sydney its only free if you bring the wheel off the bike.
  8. I'm changing to a set of BT45's on Monday from GT301's. I do all highway too work and pretty much all twisties on the way home - I believe these tyres are made for me :p Plus many other gpx250 owners like them.

    I got about 10 thou out of the 301s.
  9. whats the difference between the 301s and the 501s?

    i was looking everywhere for BT45s and couldnt find them anywhere except peter stevens and they were gonna charge me at least $20 per tyre more than other places and the BTs are ment to be about $20 cheaper per tyre, not to mention Peter stevens dont have the best rep.

    so im back on the 501s again
  10. Same tyre but aimed more at scooters I guess. Deeper/wider grooves etc for smaller diameter tyres. Not too shabby with a little less pressure in the front to reduce that 'flighty' feeling around bends. I'm loving these BT45's tho.