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Cheap first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Andrew81, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I hope it's in the right forum.

    I'm a newbie and looking at getting my first bike. I've been having a look around and reading up on as many bikes as i can.
    From what i've seen here and other places the gpx250 looks like a good option.
    I've seen a 91 model gpx250 in good condition for $1900ono, had about 70,000km on it. Would this be just about clapped out? How many km does a 250 usually last if well looked after?
    I've also been considering maybe a road trail like a mid 90's xr250. What are these like on the road?
    I'm open to any other sugestions. Hoping to keep it around the $2000 mark. Though i want something reliable so if i need to spend a bit more to get something that won't have too many problems i will.

    Any sugestions or advice appreciated
  2. Yep, I had a GPX up till recently, they are a pretty good bike to learn on. I found it a little uncomfortable, but that's probably just me.
    I probably wouldn't go for one with that many KM on it, and it does sound a little overpriced. There's probably better people on here to tell you about what's a good learner bike.
  3. A well looked after GPX will run forever, but most aren't well looked after. :p

    Aim for one with a few less k's if you can - you might need to pay a little more, but it's better than forking out big bikkies to fix it in a month or two.

    Other than that, the Spada is also a cheap option, but I didn't really like how it felt. See which you like!
  4. Thanks for the replies. The more i look at bikes the more confused i get. There are so many different options.
    I still havn't even decided between a road bike or road/trail. I want both :roll: . I'm not sure how much dirt riding i'd do. I don't think i'll know which untill i've owned one or the other for a while.
    Another plus for the road/trail is if i drop it a lot cheaper and easier to fix.

    The gpx seems to be the go for a cheap road bike. I'll give the one i looked at a miss though due to the high km.
  5. Just bear in mind that unless you spend lots of money on a really serious dual-purpose bike you'll get one that does dirt ok and road ok but neither of them perfectly, if there is such a thing.

    If you want to commute, and tour a bit and scratch, a road bike is a must, and even if you strike the occasional dirt road, a modern roadie will handle it ok (assuming you can!)
  6. cheap (and ok) bikes list

    *read that as can be found under $2000 in good order without being a super lucky bastard* (don't assume that any particular bike is in good order, get them checked out).

    In no particular order...

    Honda CBX250
    Yamaha SRX250
    Honda CD250
    Honda CD250RS
    Kawasaki Z250
    Kawasaki GPz250
    Kawasaki GPz250R
    Suzuki GSX250 (the twin not the 4).
    Suzuki GN250
    Yamaha SR250
    Honda CM250

    There are probably some I've missed.

    The trick is to buy one in good reliable condition, and not to be fooled by one that's had a quick paint job and tidy up (although that's nice if it's also in good mechanical condition).
  7. Thanks for the replies and the cheap bike list.

    I think i've found a bike without even looking and before i can even ride it. Earliest L's course is 2/3rd march.

    A mate from work decided he's gona sell his '97 gpx250 ninja. I was only talking to him a few days ago about what it's like and if he'd recomend one. Friday his misses said he can keep his ute (which she's been talking him into selling) if he sells the bike. He was going to advertise it in a couple weeks, i said i might save you the trouble how much- about $2000 :D
  8. what sort of a person would sell a perfectly good bike in order to keep half a car? :shock: ?
  9. If you can get a 97 GPX250 ninja in good nick for $2000 then that is a good buy.

    Possibly better than you'd do if you wait until after your L's.
  10. Haha wizard i know. He did say he has plans to buy a 600 road/trail later.

    The best thing about this bike is i know there's nothing wrong with it, doesn't use any oil etc. Chain, sprockets, tyres and few other things were done about 3 months ago. Has about 51,000 on it 38,000 when he baught it.
    It'll be anoying seeing it in the shed and not being able to ride it but will save me bike hunting later and knowing it's a good reliable bike with nothing wrong with it is great.