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CHeap exhausts... what's the catch?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by aldrich_87, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Came across this site that seems to sell cheap exhausts ($50 - $100 US) for my cruiser (VN250 06').

    I was under the impression it costs upwards of $300 to get a better sound.

    Am I missing something?
    why are they selling for so cheap?
    Are there any suppliers of these products here in AUS?
    and how do I found out which sounds the best?


    thanks, any help/advice is appreciated
    -mr confused
  2. From what I've seen, exhausts made for looks and sound (usually cruisers) are often quite cheap, and universal fit so they can be mass produced

    The sports systems specially designed for power and flow efficiency of one model of bike etc are what cost the big monies.. More effort into the design and with individual fitments means more designs, harder to manufacture large numbers and all that
  3. Interesting.
    I'm curious as to why it's only sold in America though. Hopefully I'll be able to find an AUS supplier.
    What I can't figure out; from the looks of the pics.. it just looks like pipes without baffles. What's the difference between these universal pipes and debaffled pipes?
  4. less metal
  5. Chances are they'll be painfully loud and will upset your carburretion (almost certainly if they're just straight pipes).

    There's a good chance that the chrome will be a joke and go brown in a week.

    Theres a pretty good chance they won't fit very well.

    Still, for $100 there's not much to lose by speculating on a set.
  6. Have you checked out the shipping cost? It might be three times the cost of the units.

    I suspect that they wouldn't be a very profitable import at those prices, or near them. Easier to locally manufacture something similar, which would be profitable, but cost more.

    Either way, you pay more than those prices.
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    You can get EMGO mufflers at pretty much any bike shop here, just go in and ask for them also look on Cassons website for the part numbers as they are the importer, I even emailed them to confirm stock and price when I bought mine.

    They are cheap because they are a universal fit, have minimal baffling and are made by the 1000's, I have the emgo shorty reverse cones on my Cafe racer and they were $59 a piece I think. They sound great and the end cone can be removed to adjust the baffling if you want. No issues with the chrome or fitment.


    Here's a vid I did a little while ago not long after they first went on.


  8. That's be why the ones you've found are only in the states. Probably made in Mexico or Nicaragua. They may well just be stock pipes with the guts ripped out.

    Wouldn't hold my breath for quality, fit, finish, or function, as above.

    EMGO ones sound much better, and you have a first hand, positive, local review to go on.
  9. The ones on the link are all EMGO's as well ;)

  10. hey guys...
    after digging around a bit I found the exact same exhausts (Emgo) in Motociclo St.Peters.. ranging from $55 - $100
    Shopkeeper was very nice & helpful, kicking myself for not getting his name. But anyways I ended up getting a Fishtail style muffler because I love the classic look. ($139) He gave me a discount because of a tiny dent that is barely noticeable. I was so close to getting an EMGO but this fishtail reminds me of a harley for some reason, and price was not much different.
    [​IMG]bad pic

    I'm sure I'll run into some trouble, but that's where the fun lies in customizing... Can;t wait to learn putting in a new exhaust and experimenting with packing baffles etc.
    I'll post videos of the sound difference and give a review soon.
  11. Ran into my first challenge.
    Took off the stock exhaust, realized that the connection to the Y pipe is on the inside of the muffler not the tip.

    So basically after taking out the stock exhaust the pipe is pointing almost directly to the back wheel. I'll need to either:

    Find some sort of 90 degree connection/adapter. (do these exists?)
    Bend the pipes (which I'm not gonna do)

    My last option is going to an exhaust shop to get something made.
  12. Take the pipe to your local bike shop and ask them to bend them for you in their pipe bender.

    When I got my baffles made for the RS3's they were slightly too small and wouldn't fit. So instead of riding all the way back to Cheltenham from Tarneit, I went to the local exhaust place, he spread the ends of the baffles with the flare machine, free of charge, and I was on my way.

    All is not lost.