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Cheap exhaust upgrades VTR1000 -> SPADA conversion?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Drew, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. I'm after a cheap upgrade for the SPADA exhaust...short of screwdriver and hammer that is....would like to keep the original in working order just in case.

    Just want something a bit louder.....you can hardly hear this thing idling!! :evil:

    Don't want to spend a fortune either... a used 2nd hander would be fine.

    Would put this in WANTED if i had a specific item in mind.
  2. Ebay.... just shorten the pipe if it's too long.
  3. hadn't thought of ebay...
  4. Thanks bu already cheked out out what was there.... looks like i'l just have to keep the eyes peeled :)
  5. So you get a standard exhaust and just shorten it yourself??

    Just cut it open, gut internals, saw it down and bolt it all back up?! :?
  6. Hammer and screwdriver FTW.
  7. It's getting tempting Loz......Dad's got a great big honking screwdriver too...

    My paranoid side is just worried about passing a RWC when selling later on
  8. Drew dont let it get you all worked up mate. Just go find a second hand one you can gut and cut and do whatever too.. Keep your one for reselling the bike..
  9. yup..... probably have to get the full pipes etc as the SPADA exhaust is welded on :roll:

    Old Man has an angle grinder though :twisted:
  10. How big are the stock exhausts from a VTR1000?

    How hard to "trim" them down a bit...
  11. Anyone??

    i have a chance to pick up 2 VTR exhausts REALLY cheap just have no idea if they are way out of the ballpark or if they can be "adjusted" to fit :twisted:
  12. how much??? i'll buy one want to do a baffleoctamy on my VTR but have the same doubts as you
  13. about 100 for the pair + postage...... don't know what that is yet

    hence why i want to kow if i can do it before i aquire 2 VTR1000 cans
  14. Be careful about chopping standard pipes.. much easier to do on aftermarket... BTW, that tingate that i had is going on EBAY for $200, buy-it-now price will be $260... another member wanted it, but hasnt got back to me.
  15. got a direct link?? not really what i wanted to hear though :(
  16. unless your exceptionally experienced with a mig welder, dont bother modifying vtr1000 pipe for your spada, they are a stainless pipe, and probably nearly 100mm longer then the spadas pipe
  17. thought as much..... anyway..money is going towards a screen.

  18. pop your head into a few of the wreckers down there you will find something suitable, probably pick a pipe up for less then 100, my mate got a slightly scuffed yoshi shorty can for $75 and fitted it to his across

  19. yeah but thats also half a decent screen :)