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Cheap exhaust for Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by scottay, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I dont want to spend much money on this bike because it cost me stuff all and I plan to sell it in a year. Basically i just want to make the bike a bit louder as currently it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Sooo i guess ill be making it a louder vacuum cleaner. If i chopped a few inches off the stock muffler and welded the end back on would that make much of a difference? Or where can i find a cheap can for <100 ?

    Thanks :)
  2. Less than $100? Maybe a tin can tied to the end of the exhaust.

    You're looking at 200-300 dollars as your starting point unless you get lucky with eBay or a wrecker. Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers are probably your best bet with the latter (they seem to have the most stock out of the Victorian ones), and I wouldn't hold high hopes for either.
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  3. If you got the standard exhaust, just ride up here and we can do a straight swap. I got a "formula1". Too loud for the neighbours at midnight:rolleyes:
  4. Drill a few holes in muffler mate. Works a treat
  5. You say that like as if you have the capability to do it.

    If you really have that capability, you can cut off the back of the muffler, pull out all the bafflers, weld in a pipe with lots of holes drilled in it, wrap that pipe with some steel mesh, and weld back on the back bit.

    Bob's your Antie Kate, you have built a "straight thru" muffler.
  6. If you were in vic i would :)
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  7. Hmmm okay, It shouldnt be too hard. Have all the tools to cut it - mate can weld it.

    Thanks for the info
  8. thanks bud ill check it out
  9. Just leave it stock mate if it aint broke dont fix it ive had heaps of bikes and went through all that mods for no reason stage and its a waste of time. Especially if you plan on getting rid of the bike plus if someone wants to buy it and get a roadworthy itll be easier if the exhaust hasnt been hacked up