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Cheap(er) GPS that works well on a bike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jdimitri, May 18, 2008.

  1. I thought about getting a gps because i do a bit of travelling and my sense of direction isn't the best there is

    But then when i started looking i realized they cost $1000+, whereas the basic tomtom costs under 300

    I thought about just sticking a cheap tomtom in a tank bag but surely there's a better way?

    I wouldn't mind paying up to about $500 but i can't really afford anymore than that

    Anyone got an idea?
  2. What about something like the Garmin Etrex Legend C? It's relatively small, can be fitted with appropriate mounts and you can install maps for street/road navigation. It doesn't talk to you but it has an excellent trip computer.
  3. Do you need to look at a screen?

    If not, depending on which phone you have you can install a version of TomTom and use a $90 BlueTooth GPS receiver and you are away.

    Of course, you will need a BT headset to be able to listen to the voice prompts.

    I have a Nokia N95 8GB and a scala rider (not tested it yet with the interphone) and it works pretty well.

    Only draw back is it appears the BT connection goes into a powersave mode and when it announces "in 300 meters, turn left" you hear "300 meters, turn left" There is a small delay in getting the initial voice prompt to the headset.

    Still works perfect fine though and for $90 it's a pretty cheap GPS :grin:
  4. I got TomTom installed on my N73 and connects to the external BT GPS and it works pretty well.
    If needed you could hook up a BT headset to hear the turn by turn directions.
  5. I'm with you dude - get a cheaper one and stick it in the top of your tank bag. $700 worth of inconveniece, I reckon! The good thing is, if you miss an istruction, it will automatically re-route so you never need to worry.... :grin:
  6. See if you can demo some. You want one that flashes up huge direction arrows and teh names of teh next street to turn at. Also turn teh contrast right up and hold it under a strong light, to simulate being on the bike.
    I have a cheapie AWA GPS, and it works nicely in the tankbag.
    You don't need to use the controls whilst moving, set destination before you leave, and add waypoints (places you want to stop) and just go.
    I find knowing the name of the next street to turn in to and teh direction is all you need, especially around town.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. The bike ones are water proof (or at least water resistant), the cars ones mostly aren't.

    A fair few of the moderately priced handheld units (some of which have brackets available) are waterproof though.

    The Garmin 60CSx can be loaded with street routing maps and fitted to a ram mount... no blue tooth though.