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Cheap eBay chinese oil filters

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Does anybody know enough about oil filters to have an opinion on buying cheap filters from eBay. One oil filter for the SR500 costs about $16 from Yamaha. Or I could get an identical-looking no-brand pack of three from Hong Kong for $9. I assume they're basically the same thing, however I'm not in a position to hear the talk on the street about oil filters.

  2. Oil filters are fairly high risk if they fail. At least with a known brand you have a fairly good idea of the quality..
    Its not just letting larger particles through the engine, but blocking oil from getting through as well..
  3. A good comparison of brand name filters can be found here:

    Shows that even though filters may look the same, the quality of construction and materials used can vary quite a lot. The biggest risk with poor quality filters is the anti-drain back valve - if that fails it can do serious damage to the engine. Personally I'd be using ebay to source a decent quality filter from OS, should still be cheaper than buying OEM from a dealer.
  4. Drain back valve doesn't do much, merely keeps filter filled when the engine is stopped. On a tiny capacity oil system such as a motorcycle, it's almost irrelevant.
    The filtration surface area is what you want, more area means longer filtration time in service before the filter bypasses.
    You are best off buying a 4 or 6 pack of brand name filters and saving a little, rather than paying way too much from a dealer or buying a filter made very cheaply.
  5. And keeps all the really nasty coarse stuff that has collected in the filter from draining back into the engine to destroy your bearings on startup.

    Drainback valves aren't an issue if the filter points upwards, but they are if the filter lies horizontally (as I believe it does in an SR500).
  6. Which has to be pumped back up past the filter to do any damage in the first place. What do you think happens when a filter bypasses when it is clogged? And most every engine in existence has been run at some stage with the filter in bypass due to being clogged.
    Teh internetz is a great thing, but please don't pretend to understand it all when you have only half the facts or do not completely understand the subject matter Especially when the information you have read is only half truths or misinformation by people who just don't have the required knowledge in that field....
  7. Really no point me putting any effort in to responding to that.

    If people want to choose to believe what you've written on "teh internetz", that oil filter manufacturers choose to fit anti-drainback valves even though they serve no purpose whatsoever and won't cause any problems if they fail, then frankly I don't care.
  8. Plain bearings, as found in modern engines, rely on an oil film being established between the journal and the bearing. To establish this you need oil pressure.

    The anti drain back valve is there to allow the engine to get oil pressure up as quickly as possible.

    As to whether crud in the bottom of the sump matters, it depends on the sump design and the layout of the bottom end of the engine. I've seen a number of bike engine where it wouldn't matter in the slightest because they run a semi-dry sump typ. arrangement and thus any crud in the sump can't get splashed anywhere critical.

    The SR is dry sump I believe? If so, then it may not matter, depending on other factors.
  9. Dry sump in my XR600R, too, and I'm running 'HifloFiltro' filters which are cheap, but not stupidly cheap. I believe I paid about $21 for a 3-pack, including shipping from HongKong.

    Check eBay for similar, or simply go to hiflo.com for the details. FWIW they seems to be of quite good quality, especially for the money, and haven't given me any problems at all thus far.

    Cheers - boingk