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Cheap Dainese gear - Group Buy, YAY!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by FireRed, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I recently got my 'Santa Monica' Jacket new from a seller in Germany for AUD850 including $100 for postage. Same jacket is $1200 in Peter Stevens(PS).

    Soon i am going to order some Dainese boots and gloves for myself and some order things for other people from the same company.
    If anyone wants anything Dainese we can get an even better deal by ordering it all at once.

    Here are the prices i have got for the things we were interested in.
    Prices include postage to Melb. Postage from melb to your house will be at your own cost.

    Santa monica jacket $800AUD PS $1200
    torque out boots $300AUD PS-no longer available but they were $400
    Quito Boot(very cool) $230 [not available in OZ] AFAIK
    Piston gloves $240AUD PS $300
    Blaster Gloves $150AUD PS$200
    Mekong pants $400AUD PS$650?
    Dainese Tattoo YKZ Leather jacket $850 PS guessing $1200?
    Dainese G2 Wave back protector is $90AUD PS$150
    Dainese SF leather pants are $450AUD PS$700?
    Dainese Hellfire Evo gloves are $190AUD PS $270?
    Dainese Ignition gloves are $240AUD PS Can't get them in.

    Ill be ordering late next week so whoever wants something needs to PM and ill send them banking details.

    Here is help if you dont know your glove size...
    To measure for gloves, wrap the tape around the widest part of the hand, excluding the thumb.
    Dainese gloves - use the wider inch measurement.

    Measure In: 7"-8" 8"-9" 9"-10" 10"-11" 11"-12" 12"-13" 13"-14"
    Measure Cm: 19 22 24 27 29.5 32 34.5
    Size: XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge XXXLarge
  2. Sounds good mate. What's the name of the company so i can look up their website for other things?

  3. where was this post before i spent 3k on my gear??

    But can you tell us the name of the website for future use please.

  4. would this happen to be bimoto? i'm still waiting for a response from them regarding shipping charges...
  5. you'll be in for some fun when the value hits a grand.

    And if it isn't marked appropriately, insurance won't cover it either.
  6. :WStupid: anything over 1000.00 and you can kiss any saving you make on items goodbye
  7. Can we get the gears shipped individually, ie. to different addresses?

    Also, if the amount exceeds AUD$1000, there'll be local tax involved. Can the purchase be broken up into several smaller ones - a group buy consisting of individual separate purchases? That would save us on tax.
  8. Just had a look on Bimoto website and yes shit is DIRT cheap.
    Have also emailed them for shipping costs for my items which only comes in at $670US. Leather pants, summer gloves and a G2 air guard. CHEAP AS. The pants i've seen around town here for $700 alone. REDIC.
  9. You're going to run into trouble with customs once you go over $1000.

    :idea: Why don't you put a list together with everything everyone needs, then go to a local store & see what they can do?

    Show them what kind of prices you can get over seas, they probably won't be able to match it but you will save a lot of freight.

    You may be suprised at what kind of deal you can get, especially if you go toward the end of month.
  10. Just to clarify this for you guys, the $1,000 limit INCLUDES the cost of freight. Just be sure to take that into account when calculating the value.

    10% GST
    37.5% for textiles *last i checked*
  11. Why don't we do do a group buy at PS then?

    Like MV said, we rock up there with our list of gear. We bring our pricelist and see what they can offer.

    I did just that for my missus' gear. Managed to knock down a couple hundred for the jacket. Now I'm looking for a jacket for myself, replacement boots maybe.

    I'm down with that. Let me know if anyone else is interested.
  12. The cost of the items will be marked down as less than $1000 so we wont be paying any tax. If there are too many items for it to be plausible i will split the shipping up into smaller parcels. I am happy to post items to people once they arrive in Melbourne.

    Sif buy stuff from PS
  13. Can I ask, how loing have you been riding and why the dislike for PS??

    Not having a shot, I'm just really interested in seeing the answers.
  14. Some of that stuff looks like pretty good value man
    Nice choice on the jacket :]

    Note I got Hellfire gloves @ PS for $140 (seem to be a long-ish running special)
    and Newsan jacket I think around $670

    I also consider myself a pretty shrewd internet shopper
    but in general I've found PS really aren't too bad,
    and the guys can often cut you a deal if you're buying more stuff

    But anyway that's off-topic - your prices there look good, good luck with it

  15. Yeah except that is a different model.
    Im getting the g2 'wave' which that site wants $89 for without shipping.
    I am getting them for $90 including shipping. Sorry i wrote the wrong model in my original post. Fixed now

    Nothing against PS, but i would rather get a good deal when i buy something.
  16. Well all my stuff arrived today, no taxes, no problems. Saved over $1000.00
  17. What did you purchase that saved you that much?!

    I've found another site called SilverMachine Dainese. Check it out people.
    Cheap as chups.
  18. pft unless you are buying new gear every 5 minutes, why bother? Just wait untill ssomething is last year's model and buy it a discount locally.
  19. My dad will be flying to the UK regularly for the next 6 months at least once a month (poor guy!).

    I might get a very big discount on some leather pants... Thank you exchange rate! \\:D/