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Cheap cure for cancer discovered - pharmacos not interested.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Re: Cheap cure for cancer discovered - pharmacos not interes

    Yet totally believable.
    I mean if the story is true, then its absolutely feasible that interest from drug companies will be slow if they do not stand much of a chance of making a good buck. Such is life i suppose.
  2. Just like chris rock said.

    There's no money in the cure, there's money in the medicine.

    fcukers s.
  3. That absolutely sucks, and of course the guvmnt wouldn't fund it either I bet :evil:
  4. . . . its a story from the internet, so it must be true ! :?
  5. I thought Chuck Norris' tears were pretty much unavailable due to the never crying thing...
  6. Lol.
  7. I buy bottled water and yet it comes basically free from the tap.

    I find it hard to believe that there's no research cause of no profit to be made. I wish the story was true though.
  8. Seems it's a half truth with 'scare tactics' to beat it up? No trials in humans has actually ever happened yet and only recent experiements show it may be a good thing in relation to cancer and these things take time to kick of. No conspiracy just yet is happening by the big pharma companies, just yet anyway :wink: It's amazing what 5 minutes of researching can find :grin:

  9. So, what are you trying to say?

    Sorry, but I am having difficulties understanding what you wrote.
  10. And did you hear that someone has invented an engine that will run on water, and the oil companies are supressing it???? :roll:

    {Come to think of it, the way things are going water's going to cost more than oil anyway :LOL:.}
  11. I'm trying to say that so far, it isn't proven to be a miracle cancer cure all (as from what the link in first post implied) in humans and that no one is willing to put $$ in to making it due not being able to be a profit maker since the patent on it run out and once a patent runs out on a drug, no one else can take it up to have sole rights to the chemical structure. And then I added, well at least no one is doing that (obviously) at the present anyway. We need to follow normal protocol for a drug find/tests/funding/etc for it to hit "the end user" for a sale.
  12. Yep it's called a hydrogen fuel cell engine...... :cool:
  13. And the Hindenberg was the prototype :LOL:.
  14. you can basically make an engine run on anything if you build it right yeah? would i be correct in saying it's more about compression than combustion?
  15. :roll: psst, I've got a nice little Harbour Bridge for sale over here. It's slightly used, but it IS one of a kind... interested?? :roll:
  16. Trade you for the Opera house. I bought it off a bloke in a pub... :LOL:

  17. Bloody Keating...
  18. Thought he looked familiar!!! He tried to sell me a pig farm too :roll:
  19. Bovine Excrement. Quick search of the internet and I find this a patent application for the use of diacetate in treating cancer by the very same University of Edmonton researchers. Any wonder they want to "drum up support" for the drug - they stand do very nicely either through increased research funding or patent royalties :roll:.
    Edit: Oh and diacetate is already used as a food additive (food acid 262) - mainly used as a mould inhibitor in snack foods and cakes (so maybe junk food is good for you ;)).