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Cheap country pub accomodation in armidale?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, im not sure if this is the right section as the touring section seems to be more about ride reports rather than pre touring questions...

    Anyway, i am riding up to brisbane and back over the next 4/5 days and will be staying in armidale hopefully on thursday night.

    Wondering if anyone could recommend a cheap place to hit the sack for the night?

    Cheaper the better, not taking any tents or camping gear, so hoping not to need to sleep in my rain gear at the side of the road.

    Stay tuned for the write up of my adventure when i get back.
  2. Just walk into the pubs and ask. They should all be around the same price, ~40 a night for a single but bare bones - a crap bed, light and maybe a power point.
  3. Bit of a guess, but check pubs at Uralla. It's close to Armidale but likely to be cheaper as its small.
  4. So just walking in is generally how its done?

    ive never stayed at a pub before so i guess lilly answered my question well, i dont really want to book in advance anyway, more of an adventure if i dont know where im sleeping.
  5. Yeh, particularly if you're mid week, I can't see a pub being booked out. The motels always fill before the pubs do.

    Wether or not it's the done thing, it's what I did, which worked.
  6. Shit for 40 bucks a night, that'd better include a few free pints. Enjoy your communal shower in the morning. I lived in a pub for a few weeks when I moved out at 15 (was working at a restuarant near by)
  7. Don't think he is a serial killer but everyone has to start somewhere. ;)