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Cheap Chinese (?) bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tail end charlie, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and dolls,

    I have been looking at buying a trail bike for the young fella whos 12. We have seen the Atomik Avenger 125 which is selling for around $700 on ebay from a local distributer and also read a little about the Orion.

    I realise you get what you pay for, but you must wonder how far wrong you could go at that price. Its damn hard to find a reasonable Jap brand for that price second hand.

    I have read on another site that every bolt on the avenger needs to be tightened when new as the factory sometimes forgets, but they otherwise seem fine.

    Has anyone heard any reports on what these things are like?

  2. Aaaahhhh...I wouldn't even buy a Chinese car at this stage...and they have four wheels!

    I certainly wouldn't let my pride and joy ride it fi I did.
  3. You'd really want to be inspecting personally ANY bike you buy, even if it's only $700, wouldn't you?

    I had a look at some Chinese bikes in a dealership in Sydney a few months ago, and they looked a bit 'rough', if you know what I mean. I realise nearly all the manufacturers start out this way, but I'd be looking closely first.
  4. i went and had a look at the place, they looked ok reasonably sturdy. the guy is selling heaps of em and has a factory style outlet.

    I'm also working on the assumption that if they were really bad he would have lots of bad feedback on ebay and you would be hearing lots of bad reports.
  5. Where abouts is this guy? i'm local to you, i'd be happy to have a look and give a not so expert opinion.
  6. I've had some dealings with new chinese quad bikes and ATV's through work. Initially they look O.K, but when you delve deeper, there are disturbing things.
    Things like wheel bearings with NO SEALS (and no provision for fitting seals), rod ends with NO SEALS, cracks in frame welds, hidden by paint/powdercoating, really bad electrics, hydraulic hoses left loose and rubbing on tyres, and a few other scary things I can't remember off hand.
    I'd bet that things like bearings would need replacing within 50 hours at most.
    My money? I'd buy a brand name a couple of years old.
    Some things can be fixed, some are serious engineering/design flaws.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yeah i am with typhoon (andrew) on this one. I was researching "Z*** Powersports" and they seem to be very cheap - but i read the specs and the overall quality of the product didn't look to crash hot.
  8. Indeed, some of the so called Chinese 'engineering' i've seen around in the cheapy end of the market is getting quite disturbing! Exactly as Typhoon stated, things like fundamental design flaws involving bearing.

    In the end, you start off with a cheaper alternative. Once these problems start coming out of the woodwork (hopefully not literally!), it's likely to end up costing you a heap to get it fixed, repaired, or re-engineered to a standard that your happy with.
  9. Hi woodsy,

    this guy is in Bando St Springvale, on the bend, if you want to have a look.
    His ebay site is http://stores.ebay.com.au/AtomikMotorsports

    Hows the gippsland coffee meeting comming along?

    cheers, stephen
  10. cool thanks, might poke my nose in there next week when i'm up that way.

    Dale and i are going to work on the coffe night thing, prob kick it off around berwick as i had SFA feed back from the Gippy guys.
  11. There are about 3-4 kids riding these around the local streets... (no helmet no gloves no lights no brains)

    But the odd thing is these do actualy withstand some abuse... on the other hand there is a dealer down the road who sells "proper" bikes.. they are biger and do look like a proper ag bike... though the quality is... very bad..
  12. I agree with the above 100% I have a mate who used to own a bike dealership here in Perth (Highway Yamaha). He sold it a couple of years back intending to retire, but just got too bored. So went to China with the intention of importing cheap bikes. After six months and a lot of money he packed it in because it was impossible to get a machine he was prepared to put his name to. This bloke is no beginner, he's been in the business 30 years, and he says they are junk, just plain junk.....with a glossy coat.
  13. Sounds good, i'm happy even with pakenham, or the occaisonal drouin as i will be working in warrigal a bit in 4 weeks time
  14. A 12 year old would outgrow one of the Atomik pocket bikes quickly. Both in size and skill.
    They're toys at best, for small and big blokes. But not a proper dirt bike.
    If you have the land for him to ride or plan on taking him to MX tracks, try a brand name 80cc 2 stroke motocrosser. It'll last until he's 14-15 by which time he'll be ready for a 125.
    Note that he's only allowed to ride on private property, if he's caught elsewhere it's around a $1500 fine now.
  15. Do a google search "pocket bikes australia or forums ."

    They normaly have a birt bike part some were on the forums .

    I read a pocket bike forums once and there doing 70km hr plus on a $400 bike and there grown men ,so they would give you the low down on the better brands.
  16. DONT DO IT!!!!!

    Been there done that. You'll regret every dollar.

    PM me if you want first hand details

  17. after multiple e-mails to the 3 supliers i could find on e-bay i thought i'd give an update.

    1 suplier no replies
    2 suplier "yes we do bulk discout please visit e-bay"

    So basicaly not a lot of luck.

    Having talked to a mate thats got a couple of theses aparently the chopper ones are ok but the rockets keep burning out the clutches. i havent given up yet as i'm thinking of making a couple of side tables from the for Chrissy presents.