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cheap chain lube

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mike8863, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I know we all hate SuperCrap Auto...but..

    Castrol chain lube 250g spray can $9.95 each till wednesday, as per their catalouge.....

    nobody says you have to buy anything else, but, $10 a tin is cheap buying compared to the usual $20+ a tin for chain lube in the bike shops...
  2. I don't mind Supercheap, but I hate that Castrol chain lube. It's definitely worth paying the extra 10 bucks for decent lube, using that donkey piss in a can is the fastest way to needing a new chain.

    Better off just using old sump oil if you want to save some cash.
  3. Which is probbaly what your service manual tells you to do anyway* :)

    *The manual will mean new oil, but if you change it often enough, old stuff is infinitely cheaper (read: free) and should still be in decent condition.
  4. It does. But I prefer to use Silkolene chain gel because it's white, making it far easier to tell when the chain needs cleaning and lubing (also a lot less messy than using engine oil).
  5. J'O uses canola oil... He liberally doses his chain after every ride... hmmmmm, dinner's ready. lol
  6. won't shop there [-(
  7. Hate that lube... got a small spray can of it and used it once. Not for me. Sticking to Motul Road (excuse the pun)
  8. Yep, only Motul here too!!
  9. Not using something SCA sell is why some car drivers open their doors on us, probably...
  10. Currently uses Motul Factory Line but not particularly impressed, may try Bel Ray next time.