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Cheap Camelbak clones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by voyager, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. BigW are selling 2 litre ones under the name "hydration pack" or some such thing for a shade under $40-. They're in with the backpacks in the camping section. No labelling, so you'll have to hunt a little. Very much worth it!

  2. Thanx, Thats worth investigating further, save me carrying bottles of water that are difficult to get to.

    A downside of Kidney transplant intake of large volumes of fluid
  3. Sounds good, I'll have a look tomorrow. I spent a day last summer riding for 8 hours in 30deg temps. Even though I stopped for a drink every two hours, I ended up so dehydrated that I literally thought I would die. I went to buy a camelbak the next day and nearly did die when I saw the price. I haven't ridden long distances in heat since then.
  4. Oooh, i was keen on getting a CamelBak when i saw a few people with them when i first started riding, but after checking on the prices decided i'd do without and just take a drink bottle.

    For $40 however i think i'll go fetch one.
    Are they on sale at the moment or is this just an everyday price?
  5. yep. martyh hit the nail on the head. wash the bladder out then stick it in the freezer. works a treat. one thing when you're buying them though. dont fool yourself into buying one with extra storage... you'll never fit anything more than a bit of food in with the full bladder. the best bet is probably to buy the smallest bag possible and put another bag over the top. and they're definitely good for long trips. maybe not while riding, but once you stop you just take a sip. easier than pulling out a drink bottle.
  6. Seemed to be the regular price. $38 or $39 and some silly number of cents. But if you find a sign for them in the backpack section, you're doing better than I did - I was actually hunting for a backpack for another purpose when I stumbled across them
  7. GOLD

    Hate shopping centres but will suffer for this cause:)
  8. I have a selection of Camel Bks and there clones, however I have found when the bladders in the clones give out I just buy a genuine Camel Bak bladder to replace it. Will cost more but last lots longer, I have bladders now that are 10 years old. Can still use all the accessories for the current versions as well. I have not broken one yet and have had some big prangs on the mtb whilst wearing it.
  9. aldi had them not too long ago for $20 :shock: they're not the best quality around but they're definately not crap either. might be worth a trip over to aldi first to see if they've still got them. i would have got one from there but i just got a brand new one elsewhere, my uncle reckons they're awesome for the price though....
  10. You gets what you pays for!

    I had one that I picked up for $20 but it turned out to be crap. Damn thing wouldn't stop leaking onto my leg from the mouth piece. I ended up stopping and emptying the entire bladder out.

    Returned it to the shop and they gave me a refund - no questions asked.

    Now I know why Camelbacks cost so much. They probably don't come with all the hassles. Although I could have just bought a more expensive bladder.
  11. The BigW ones are good. Picked mine up on Wednesday thanks to Voyager :)
    They are Caribee brand, and a very good price @ $40. Bladder and moutpiece quality is good, as is the whole bag.
  12. Picked mine up yesterday, Caribee gear has been around for a while and has a good rep.