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cheap but effective

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Spent about 15 minutes, and $30 and made a radiator guard for my M109 yesterday.
    Aluminium mesh from Repco, remove shrouds, add mesh, replace shrouds - and there you go.

    Have done a few longish trips this year, another planned to Toowoomba in October - was not looking forward to ever holing a radiator!. if it is six weeks for s clutch cable - it might be 8 weeks for a radiator!.

    Anyway, now I can contemplate a few more longer rides , with confidence.

  2. Pic please.... :wink:
  3. So the mesh is straight onto the metal of the radiator?
    I've been contemplating buying a metal grille to replace the plastic one on my M50, but this is a nice cheap option provided it works.
  4. mesh is sandwiched between the fins and the plastic grille across the front.
    Will take some pics when I get a chance.
  5. here is a pic for your pleasure