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Cheap braided brake lines

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. I just picked up a set from this bloke:


    Took a while to get here, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were HEL lines (he doesn't mention brand in the ad, so he's probably up to something dodgy.)

    He cut the lines to a custom length for me for no extra charge. The fookers even came with a warranty card and a how-to book. The best bit? It was just over a hundred bucks delivered. Get em up ya.

    Nb. I haven't fitted them yet, so I reserve the right to piss and moan in this thread if they turn out to be crap.
  2. WOW! Thats cheaper than I can get them off the supplier here in Aus.

    One thing to check is that they have a DOT number or tag on them. You may have a problem if you ever sell the bike and the lines dont have a DOT tag. No tag means RWC failure. My advice, dont throw the old lines away just in case.

    PS. You may need a power bleeder to get the line to bleed up. If thats the case give me a ring at the shop and you can use the bleeder.
  3. you sure dot is legal? I thought they ahd to have the usual "aussies own" type of approval.
  4. Loz, i've just rung Peter Stevens and made an appointment for you to get them fitted :LOL:
  5. LOL @ Vic! I reckon he would do an endo on the first attempt to use them! :p
  6. Cheers Pete -

    Yeah I didn't even bother looking, they're from the UK, and they've got some bollocks stamped on them but I don't much mind. I've kept the original lines - although I doubt I'll ever sell this bike... World's ugliest streetfighter, 65,000km, anyone who knows me would know it's been through merry hell... And I know too many people.

    I ran out of brake fluid midway through the bleed after installing them, so there's still air in the lines somewhere and they're a bit spongy. Even so, it's still better than it was with the old lines. Looking forward to living in 2-finger stoppie land! I've never used a power bleeder, I might get some fluid and take you up on that, good chance to catch up too.

    Vic - you and yer f*cken Peter Stevens can go get a big woolly bull up ya!
  7. This is one of the rare cases where the legal rules have been made more
    brake lines NO LONGER have to have ADR approval
    you must have a similar quality approval from somewhere,
    eg DOT, ECE, BS.

    HEL and other good brands would probably carry some kind
    of approval like this.

    Don't buy cheap chinese lines, some don't have approval,
    but even so, if they leak even a little at the wrong time the
    consequences will be worse than just a fine and unroadworthy notice.



    if they are top selling, then why not advertise it
  9. Probably doing a dodgy - they're the official supplier to the UK but they're not supposed to distribute overseas or something. What the f*ck do I care?
  10. What was the wash up of all this? Is this guys gear legit?? How did you go with them Loz?

    Thanks in advance
  11. I think the world wide approval number is J1403, that is approved for Europe & Ausralia from what I can remember... when I used to be an ADR engineer
  12. Far as I can tell, the brake lines are beaut. I've got some dodgy seals in my master cylinder at the moment, so my brakes aren't rock hard like I expected, but it's not the fault of the lines.
  13. LoL you can get HEL lines at Peter stevens for $100... any colour any length...

    I had custom ones made a year ago... OH and they have the right tags...
  14. I've know of a few bikes that have breezed through RWC without tags on their braided lines, Although technically they should fail (like 99.9% of aftermarket exhausts) as long as there's no evidence of leaking,damage etc, the testers will usually let them pass.
  15. What about insurance? Obviously I will specifically ask my insurer, but has anyone heard of the mod voiding your insurance (whether or not they are notified)?

    Presumably if they do cover it, then, like any other mod it just means you get the costs of them back if its a w/o.

    Also re Peter Stevens (mentioned above). They just quoted me $200 for fronts and $300 for fronts and rears?
  16. I just got these lines. They are HEL's and are DOT certified (FMVSS 106).
    Excellent value, I got a custom front set (extended 4cm) for $82 shipped.

    Good old globalization beating down monopolistic sales practices :D
  17. Hey I thought I would post back here, particularly to megaphat because I see you are in Brisbane.

    See p 23 of the following link:


    The Department of Transport referred me to this document when I enquired about whether or not I had to have braided brake lines approved/certified by a mechanic. The only reason I didn't go for these HEL braided brake lines was because of this document. They don't appear to be approved by the department (c.f. Goodridge).

    What are everyone's thoughts on this? I'm going to try and find out what the consequences (legal and financial) are of having braided lines on your bike that are not approved in the linked document.
  18. I bought a set of these yesterday from the guy Loz used. I asked the question about Standards etc and got this response.

    I paid 107 au delivered for front and rear kit. Bloody cheap when I just saw a HEL Australia ad in AMCN quoting 240 delivered aus wide for a 3 line kit.
  19. The answer is,
    - it can comply with Queensland rules by being listed on their document,
    - comply with ADRs by being ADR stamped, OR
    - comply with ADRs by being stamped with an equivalent standard (eg DOT,
    CE, etc)

    Any of the above are OK.

    I have already posted a link to the documents which explain/prove this,
    in another thread, and I can't be bothered finding it, but it's in the ADRs.
    If you want to read them, try searching "hotcam" and "braided brake".