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cheap braded lines

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by donaldo74, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Yup, thats ebay for you.

    I'm gonna be picking up a pair for my sv in a month or two.
  2. 1 day left :shock:
  3. There will always be similar deals.
  4. not according to car salesmen :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Gee's there not bad at all, mite look into some for the R6.
  6. Word of warning, these probably do not sport the relevant ADR stickers for brake lines. I would hate to see someone's insurance claim (or other complications) denied due to them not having a 'roadworthy' vehicle. Of course if it's for a non-road bike then who cares.

    This is probably the one and only case I will actually spend the little bit extra money and buy locally from HEL or Goodridge.
  7. I wouldn't buy off this seller.

    * Been an ebayer for nearly 12mths & has had f*ck-all sales to date
    Check out all the things he sells but only has a score of 37

    * I do my business with power sellers with a proven history rather than
    individuals (safer)
  8. +1 and I think you'd have a hard time getting a RWC for your bike come sale time with them on.
  9. Furthermore, with your life at stake, do you really want to put anything "cheap" on your bike???

    Pay the money and go Goodridge. :grin:
  10. :WStupid:

    The words "cheap" and "brakes" shouldn't be used in the same conversation.
  11. Unless it's, "I put the brakes on when I saw the sign for cheap beer." :beer:
  12. source:
  13. Yes I spoke with the bloke at HEL at length at an industry convention,
    he seemed a very well informed professional who cared about quality.
    While you are now allowed to use SOME other standards such as EEC/ECE or DOT (not just ADR) they must have one of the
    half dozen approved standards. We spoke about why, and
    what changes are necessary to the brake lines and production
    quality to meet the standards.

    Things such as rubber boots to keep moisture and corrosion out of crimps.
    Crimp strength to ensure the hoses don't pull off the fittings. Material
    quality and hose tensile strength and expansion resistance. Etc Etc.

    And lets face it, for a measly extra $40 or so you could have the real
    thing. Don't you blow that much on booze or something else without
    a second thought? It's a lot less than the replacement cost of your
    bike and the repairs to a Merc (or even a Ford) who hit you because
    you couldn't stop.
  14. The whole point of the Australian one's is that they are made here, the US ones are made there and the UK one made there (Probably the last thing :grin: ). What I don't understand is the relationship between the main company in the UK and Australia and the US anyone know???
  15. Donaldo:
    Actually no they don't, and they don't use all the same parts
    and assembly methods.

    I guess that the parent company provides training and licensing, etc.
    I know they provide HEL components e.g. hose, fittings, rubber boots, etc.
    The Aus distributor assembles lines here from HEL components
    to suit local legal requirements and
    to suit local sales requirements (e.g. lots of R1 sets, not
    many TDM900 sets).
  16. I would have thought there all mass produced and assemble in some third world country somewhere to minimise production cost and maximise profit like just about everything else. :shock:

    im still alittle skeptical about them being assembled and packaged here with our labour costs even though it does state Now made in australia below
  17. Good Q.

    One of my Aussie suppliers also sell HEL lines for the same $199 tag.
  18. WezMoto is the place to go for braided brake lines.

    On average, $150 AUS (some bikes more, some bikes less) for Goodridge braided lines delivered straight to your door. This guy lives in the UK just around the corner from the Goodridge factory that makes them.

    I've brought 3 sets of braided lines from him over about 4 years, as too has friends and others I've sent to him too. About 1-2 weeks turn around from time of order till they're on your doorstep :)