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Cheap Bluetooth Headsets - suggestions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. With all this talk of the aldi gps I’ve been thinking about a system of my own.

    My phone has really good GPS, iGo8 with fixed cameras and route recording. I’ve installed a 12v socket under my seat so I can use this to power it as it kills the battery; I just need a blue tooth headset that will give me the directions and camera warnings.

    I’ve been looking at a few cheapies on ebay for $50ish and wanted to know if anyone had used one? I don’t want to spend $400 on a Blueant of Scala system but I would consider something for $50ish. I’ve read some good reviews of the cheap ones on amazon. Plus I’ll be able to answer calls if I wish, because I’m that important:angel:. I haven’t got a particular model in mind but something simple with two speakers and A2DP Bluetooth, like this...


    Thanks guys

    PS: I know this has been covered before but I couldn't find anything specifically about the cheap no-name units
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  3. for 50 bucks u can buy one and give us a review
  4. If you're willing to spend a bit more the Sena set is apparently great. www.mrhit.com has them on special at the moment. Works out about 190.00 oz delivered from the US. If you're keen and wanted to 'go halves' with someone you can get a dual set for 260.00 us and about 26.00 us postage. Works out about $ 160.00 oz per set. I'm looking at the options also, and the Sena set looks pretty good. In oz they retail for 299.00 for a single set and 549.00 for the dual. PM me if you'd consider the half option.
  5. Re: Bluetooth Headsets?

    Yep , I have one of these.

    They come in pairs or singles on ebay , and yes I paid around $50 for a single unit.

    Sound quality is poor for music, only decent for background music, so if you want quality , look elsewhere.

    It is A2dp - Stereo bluetooth, so it ticks that box.

    I have mine fitted in a shoei XR-1100, ear pieces fit nicely in the ear wells, and the mike boom is routed in behind the cheek padding and just peeks out near the chin.

    I use mine on commutes for just audible background music, and GPS directions from the iPhone in my pocket.

    I also use trapster an iPhone speed trap alert program. !

    The_blacke also has one (better model with screw on antennae) and once paired, you can simple hit the helmet button to talk to the other person.

    a few crackles when used bike to bike, but maybe 100 metres between the two is ok.

    I bought it with the idea that $50 if i dont like it is hardly the end of the world.

    It works well enough for me !

    hope this helps.

    PS. If I decide that i need better quality music , I think i would get the blue ant F4.
    ebay link


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  6. Thanks, that’s exactly what I was after.

    The sena set does look good but I don’t think I can justify the extra $120 if it essentially does the same thing. Plus I’m in melb so the postage might be a hassle to split a duel system.

    I’d only be using if for my gps/phone so the 100m communication distance wouldn’t bother me.

    Also if the audio isn’t up to grade that’s easily fixed. I’ve got a set of helmet headphones that do a decent job.

    I might be able to slice them in to the headset for better audio.
    You could go one step further and get helmet speakers like this


    Stu, if your only issue with the cheap set was the audio this might be a better option rather than buying a whole new unit.
  7. Re: Bluetooth Headsets?

    Also do you know how much data this uses?
    Or am I better off using my gps fixed warnings. thanks
  8. Re: Bluetooth Headsets?

    Im not sure...

    might do a test on a ride home.
  9. Re: Bluetooth Headsets?

    ok ... tested it

    39 KM
    48 minutes

    1,468 KB upload
    11,500 KB download

    332 KB usage per KM.

  10. (y)Thanks, I think my 1gb should cover it
  11. So am I reading this right that the BT unit will act as a wireless intercom from rider to pillion without using a mobile phone? Or do you need to enable BT on your phone ?
    The only intercom I have used was bought back in the mid 80's 'BikerCom' by a company called Pirhana,it has since died and I have not seen another unit like it.
    The only drawback was that it was a 'wired unit' linking you to your pillion.
    If this BT unit dose the same thing without wires and has the ability to link to phone and mp3 players then it looks to be a good deal.
  12. No phone needed
  13. I bought a Dual BT Interphone two weeks ago and aside from some background ticking noises occasionally, these units have been great. Callers CANNOT tell I'm on a bike at 100kmh!

    Rider to pillion is great too.

    Music quality is crap, but as I expected this, I'm not disappointed.
  14. I'm not a fan of music on the bike, but I don't mind the occasional call, but do like pillion to rider, rider to rider comms. I have a blueant interphone single ear piece set up which has served me well - it gets 300m between bikes. The single ear has always been a bug bear - giving the brain two ears worth of voice to decipher would make things much much easier.

    Having recently bought a new helmet, I'm looking to upgrade to a not too expensive quality system.

    Much of the cost goes into noise cancelling - do these cheapie units cancel noise readily enough? With my current blueant interphone, people can't tell I'm on the bike, I'd hate to save some bucks just to get more noise.
  15. Definitely interested to know too there rob, as i hate listening to the wind noise of other peoples bikes on top of my own :p.
  16. I still haven't got a set yet. When I get around to it ill probably use my new soundmagic PL50s rather than the supplied helmet speakers
  17. Followup:
    Finally bought a second BT Interphone (had one a while for my phone), and i cant get the sods to work together.
    I hold the power button for about 10 seconds until it enters pairing mode, press the button to pair them, and then i get nothing between them. Yet when i pair them to phones and call phone to phone it works a treat... i just dont want to be using them via phones :p.
    Oh well... back to the drawing board.
  18. Yep ya get what ya pay for.

    If you want a GOOD, QUALITY set at a reasonable price , with LOCAL backup try these IMC Camos

    Newcastle area :angel:
  19. Hiya Ducfreak, what's the difference between the class 1 and 2 bluetooth?

  20. Hmmm , they DO work , ME and The_blacke have one each , he has the external antennae version and i have the older rubber antennae version , and following the directions in the book it only took a minute.

    worked first time.

    Worth trying again.