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Cheap bike-to-bike comms

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by burna, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. I would like to get a cheap pair of bike to bike comms so that my gf n I can communicate on rides.

    I have a Shoei TZ-X helmet which is pretty noisey and I find I have to wear earplugs most of the time when on the highway. I am wondering how inter-bike comms would go with earplugs in?

    I have seen cheap bluetooth systems but they only have a short range. This would be fine most of the time but obviously the greater the range the better and wonder if we would be better getting a UHF system.

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheaper systems?


  2. Cheap is exactly that :cry:.
    Expect to spend at least $300-$400 for a pair of BT headsets that actually work.
    (BTW our Hola F Pro Duo is $400/pair and goes 1k between bikes).
    Basic rules are BT is ostensibly short range (max 1k) and really onlt a 1 to 1 link, you can have muisc/phone each as well.
    UHF is a community of as many as you like , or you can use CTCSS for a pseudo private channel too. A 5 watt UHF will get you up to 15k's in the open and reliably 3 to 5k's in a built up city area.
    check below for options :whistle:
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  3. Thanks. Yea I wouldn't expect too much from a cheap system but was just wondering if they were ok for just a basic system but mainly how any system would go considering I wear earplugs most of the time.
  4. If you check the accessories for sale section there is a BT set for $100.
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  5. I wear foam squisshies ALL the time, run teh Bikecomm BK-02 now but ran StarCom1 up to 6 months ago, NEVER had volume problems and people who call me on the mobile dont know I'm on the bike.

    I cannot say either way on the 2nd hand set in for sale section, however i have seen the same shape/looking ones sold under different brand names.