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Cheap bike/scooter for daily commuting - sub $1500 - Postie CT110?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CeeKill, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking of getting a postie CT110 for daily commuting to work and back (15km round trip). My question is, how do I get my hands on one of these? I mean I can't seem to find out the process to buy one. Is there a special place to get them, like at auction, then you gotta do your own paperwork to get it registered? Not many CT110 show up on bikesales. :-s

    My back up plan is anything else (including scooters :() around $1500 mark. Preferably < 125cc for cheap rego and I'll do my own service at home.

    And yes, I can do pushbike but there's problem with showering and shift work roster...

  2. ebay

    most scooters are faster, but questionable in other ways.
  3. bikesales.com.au has shitloads of them.
  4. Mannheim Fowles auctions usually has a few ct-110 s up for auction as well

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  5. +1 As above.
    X posties with about thirty five thousand K's on them. No rego but ready to pass. They are very well service and looked after.
    We try to kill them as best we can but you just cant.
    Think they are about $1270 at fowlers + rwc and rego
  6. When you buy it paint it black, polish or chrome the other bits, and get a straight through pipe......

  7. def get a straight pipe. i heard one in the city with a straight through the other day. I loled so hard it was so loud.
  8. I reckon you can't go wrong with a postie for a cheap commuter. I figure there's a reason why Australia Post use them. Cheap, reliable and can't be killed.
    Out of interest, how much does it cost to register a <125ccs bike? Vic roads says 38.30 for private use but how much is the TAC charge (95% of the cost)?
  9. Ebay usaully has a fair amount up. Not all are A1 condition , thoughh.
  10. not sure about bike prices in melbourne, but In perth you can get 1980s japanese 250 cc bikes for well under $1500 as long as you dont expect them to be imacculate. Also gumtree and the quokka ( a classified ads paper we have in WA) seem to be a lot better for cheap bikes than ebay.
  11. Honda Lead is the cheapie scooter. Under $2500 ride away new.
  12. but they can't even peel the skin off a custard tart
  13. About $350 all up

    So a secondhand postie in decent condition ~$1300 + $130 RWC + $350 Registration will be nearly ~$1800 by the time it's on the road..... 8-[
  14. A second hand scooter that someone got bored with and parked is a cheaper deal than posties nowadays.