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Cheap bike for 2 months to pass P's (mature age)?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fizmotech, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I need a cheap as chips bike for 2 months to pass my P's (mature age) and for general transport until I got enough for my r6.

    Its quite hard finding something suitable.

    I have $2k max and I want something light yet still a manual.

    Was thinking a used sachs madass or another scooter....

    A few old gn250's and the like around, but meh, want something easy as to pass the P's. I been riding about 15 years overseas, but think something small and lite will be easier to get around the cones. Also havnt ridden for a while (international license expiry). So just something cheap to get the feel for things again.
  2. Get a postie - usually less than a grand, easy to offload later on.
    Not sure if the clutchless shift counts as a manual or not though.
  3. yes thats my only concern. does anyone know?
  4. No idea either.

    Check out any number of dirtbikes. I did mine on a trail bike, and it practically rode itself around.
  5. I know it's not an issue in Victoria, in fact when I got my full licence there was someone there who used a CT110AG they'd trailered to the testing centre.
    From your mention of riding around cones I'm guessing you're in NSW though.
  6. Riding for 15 years.....Public Transport and hire CB250 for the test
  7. +1, unless you haven't ridden for 20 odd years
  8. its been about 5 years since i have ridden regularlly, but that is an option, but was hoping to have some ride time prior so i feel confident.

    or you think the pre P's course will suffice?
  9. I can only speak for NSW but if that's where you are then just turn up and hire a bike as suggested. There's so much practice prior to actually being tested that with your experience it's almost impossible to fail.
  10. I can guarantee a CT110 does count as a manual for licencing purposes in NSW.
  11. Have you had a look at the KN150?
    Proper manual bike and under 2 grand brand new.
  12. is that on road though?

    i will prob grab a cheap ct110 then. need a couple of months cheap transport anyway, but hire option is there !

    im scared i will do something silly ha ha. so some pripr practise would be good. but the pre p's course is enough practise worst case?
  13. No, that's the base price but even if you have to add a couple of hundred it still works out cheaper than the next cheapest bike you can get brand new, which is Sachs Madass 125cc (50cc version is an automatic). Then comes Zongshen and Yamaha Scorpio - both 250cc (in name anyway, in practice they are probably more like 200-something cc) and both at around 4,000 ... and then Honda CBR125 at another couple of hundred more.

    Of course if you want to go second hand its a different game altogether.
  14. More than a few LAMS bikes on Ebay right now under $2k.
    Lose teh "light" requirement and buy a bike. You'll have it for two months, who needs requirements?
    Just buy something and ride.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. lol, thanks but i dont want too, hence why i asked what i did.

    its not like i havnt already thought the obvious through.
  16. Hi,

    I'll second the postie bike option. The Suzuki GN250 is also an excellent choice as they're so easy to ride.
  17. dont know if ya still looking but i done same thing went to dealer i was intending to buy my bike from and he then put me in touch with a guy who was thinking of upgrading his bike and let me borrow it for a month gave him a carton and 100 cash maybe if you check with bike shops and tell them same thing they might be able to help you
  18. Hi,

    Definitely go the postie. i did my p's (manual) on a postie, its so much easier as they are small and easy to maneuver.

    I bought mine for $1200 on bikesales, a friend of mine got hers for $800 from pickles auctions.

    Good luck!
  19. how stupid do you look though riding around on a postie for a month? ha ha

    i dont know if my ego could handle it.

    but then dropping an r6 because im not in form would be more embarassing.

    still looking.