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Cheap, basic respray

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thegutterpoet, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. I will soon recover my stolen motorcycle, and other than replacing the lock and wiring for ignition the other main issue appears to be the paint job which the thieves caked onto the tank and fairing.

    The bike is a 99 R6 with some fairing underneath missing.

    Is a basic respray to make it more bearable something I can do myself cheaply?

    Or what would I have to pay for the same, from a mechanic or spray shop? Any advice is welcome
  2. If you want a good job it is best to let a pro shop to do it. You can save money by stripping the fairings and preparing them for painting yourself. You have the opportunity to get a custom colour or paint job. Only do this if you intend to keep it for a while. The sad fact is that custom paint jobs make a bike more difficult to sell. The more exotic the paint job the more difficult it makes it to sell.
  3. Use some cans, can turn out alright if prep is good.
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  4. Just make sure you use some fine grade 'wet and dry' sandpaper to prep (have a bucket next to you so you can keep dipping the paper in water). Then make sure you've covered everything you don't want sprayed and before spraying wipe it down with a lint free rag dipped in prepsol. If you're using cans, you can get a cheap plastic attachment that acts as a trigger to save your fingers And don't go too heavy on it. Nice and light and even. Also, make sure it's not too cold when you do spray it. Build it up gradually after each layer has dried and don't try to cover it all in your first shot or it will run.

    Glad you hear you're getting your bike back.
  5. Forgot to add, rinse and repeat for top clear coat which you can also get in a can. But go very light on sanding back (wet) the well dried colour coat.
  6. Thanks for the advice, folks...the spray job is not as awful as I had assumed and been led to believe...

    The fiends had added stick-on bullet holes, speckles of grey to the blue and a scantily clad nubile minx. Also, they had replaced the pillion seat, added the belly fairing and replaced the upper fairing.

    On a less positive note, the knob that adjusts the idle is barely hanging on. And they have removed the baffles from the exhaust, so it sounds terrible and runs horridly.
  7. ^^^ Noice. Once you sort out the mechanical and running issues, the said fiends' artwork can be reversed quite easily. It sounds like all you need to do is removed the sticker bombs and give it a very light sand back with fine grade wet paper back to the clear coat and maybe just retouch the clear coat if you feel like it.

    Bullet holes? :facepalm: Some people....
  8. You mean speed holes
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  9. :ROFLMAO: In there minds only.