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Cheap Arse MOTARD

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Takamii, May 30, 2010.

  1. Okay so now my R1 is sold I want to get a cheap ass Motard that I can learn a few things on ( different riding style etc ) and if I drop it etc I wont be to worried about it and wont cry like a 120kg 6 foot 2 inch baby

    I am considering a 250 because I can sell it later as a learner legal bike

    If I buy cheap - I get cheap I understand that - you get what you pay for ( except my brand of kevlar jeans which are cheap but not nasty or low on quality )

    I have seen this thing on ebay -- I like how it looks - probably low on power but that's okay -- I don't expect to set any sort of record

    and considering the issues i mentioned ( buy cheap - use it - sell cheap to a learner later if need be ) I thought it would be the best way to learn without too much outlay in Cash

    Any constructive criticism is welcome - also any experiences etc etc

    I am handy with spanners for cars -- I could transfer this skill to bikes ( I didn't do anything on the R1 -- I left that to the professionals ) so I would do as much work myself on it to gain some bike mechanical skills

    here is the bike that grabbed my interest


    I believe the bikes are made in the Philippines
  2. thought about a drz400? might no be the cheapest though.
  3. theres a guy selling a drz motard in the sales section, looks a bit rough though.

    the only tard ive ridden was a completely balls out TDM? i think, or maybe tm... so i cant help to much.
  4. if you can get it for $600 go for it but any more and its a huge waste.

    would have negative horsepower maximum weight. the seller says cruise comfortably at 75 so it seems at best you might get 100 kays out of it.

    spend the extra and buy that guys drz for sale. at least you're buying something of quality and it would be easier to offload. and its LAMS.

    engima, if it was blue and completely insane it would have been a TM.
  5. it was a mates bike... was an italian piece of race bred machinery or some jazz :p said it retailed for 25k, he'd gotten it 2nd hand for 12-13 i think, few years old. and was a 400.

    i can honestly say, having ridden only a number of 250s and a 600 hornet, it felt like the most unsafe and potentially crazy bike id ridden :p

    i kinda want one...
  6. haha yeah thats the thing, would have gone quite well.

    you cant buy a supermoto without the crazy factor, its like eating mild chillis. if you're going to eat a chili you might as well get the hottest one.
  7. +1 to that. Get a DRZ - Common as muck, bullet proof, hoot to ride (esp. if you are new to motards), and well priced considering the above. Of course, it's not a powerhouse like your R1 was, expect 110km/h to be just attainable and not comfortable, but 'tards are not about comfort, they are about craziness. It doesn't need to be pretty (actually, bonus if it is not, cheaper!) as it is a tard, so the objective is to throw it down the road. And the previous owner would need to do some pretty terrible things to have destroyed one mechanically.

    A way too cheap-to-be-good 250 of unknown origin is not going to end well for you, especially at 120kg. Hell, any 250 motard with the sort of service requirements that a person car/road bike will be able to meet will be gutless, especially as it's a roady (250cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke...). Maybe if you got it for $500/600, and even then I would dirt it.
  8. i'm not all that sure about chinese bikes, i had one of those mini race bikes which use a 50cc 2smoke engine (you know the ones i mean) and the quality was just garbage. if it hadn't been bought to be an ornament i would have got my money back. wasn't worth the $200 i paid for it. that seems to be a fairly common theme among chinese bikes, though i've had no experience with them in the last 3 years or so, they could have lifted their game in that time
  9. Dont buy under 400cc for a motard.
    Buy something with spares readily available
    Buy something bulletproof

  10. How much did you end up getting for the R1? Twas a nice looking bike...
  11. you got the ARSE bit right

    stay away, get a real motarrd

    rego will be difficult if you register it somewhere else (if it even had road reg, i suspect its rec reg'd)

    it's a chongzhenpoontangboxluckystar, the local rta will have no idea
  12. Plenty of good motards, DRZ is good, I'm in the market for the same deal atm and for relatively the same reasons. :LOL:

    I've checked out the one being sold on this site, if you want some of the selling points of it drop me a PM, I'd vote that it would be just what you are looking for. Engine looks to be in good shape.

    I would check out a couple of XR 400's too, they are another bushbasher that have a road version that are low maintenance and virtually bulletproof.

    Good luck with it man, btw the one you posted up is pretty far north of Sydney, might be an effort to pick up. Give us a shout once you've got a machine, we can practice hooning in unison. :rofl:
  13. Cheers for the offer -- the one posted is far away but I am sure eventually one closer to me could be found.

    I like all the points people have said about maintenance --- would rather something that isnt to high strung and spends more time in a shop then being used ( YZF250F for example seems to need to be serviced every 3 hours of use not a motard I know but an example -- where as the wr250x is claimed to not need a major service untill 10,000 kms due to the wet sum injected motor not being as highly strung out )
  14. I was looking at the Puzey motard as a cheap & cheerful commuter, around 4K, they look ok for the price.

    I say was, because I don't know if anyone is still importing them, Stoney Creek was...

    You could probably pick up a s/h DRZ for not much more though... It's still LAMS in most states, I think.
  15. plenty of cheap XR's (400's, 600R's, 650L's, etc) out there for around $2.5-4k, add some RGV rims & tyres, and walla, cheap motard, Honda reliability, and easy to sell in dirt trim when you're done.
  16. I don't understand all the praise for the DRZ...
  17. I recommend a TTR250, its an awesome machine for a 250.
  18. conversion kits can be had for as little as $1600 for the drz/wr/most ktms/xr's
    if i find they link ill post it up.
    They are an Aus Business based in Qld i think, look pretty decent, i reckon you would be flat out doing it yourself for under that.
    By the time you factor in:
    New Discs
    Guides to fit all described and all parts are tested :D
    Im looking into it for my drz.
  19. Not my first choice but I don't think they're half bad if you're after something low maintenance.

    I'm a Honda man through and through, XR is what i'm aiming for but if I spot a DRZ with competitive pricing I may be tempted in that direction.

    What would you suggest?
  20. Just remembered the some of the earlier DRZ400's had can chain adjuster trouble, can't remember the details though.

    Another bike to consider, the XT600 and later versions, just look put for knock in the top (worn cam journals) and gear box problems if the prevous owners tried pulling at to low speed/rpm in to high a gear.

    And if you're looking at 250's have a look for a KLR 250 as well. Should be cheap and parts are plentiful because varous armies used the bikes over thier 20year or so production run - decent engines with around 30HP, maintance would be higher than the DR though. Listen for rattles and feel for vibrations from the bottom of the engine, as the counter balancer rods may be worn on an old bike.