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Cheap Android Phone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gsxrjames, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve currently got a Samsung Omnia II running windows mobile 6.5. Lately it’s been freezing heaps, takes 20seconds to open messages, crashes constantly…

    So basically I want to hurl it at a wall.
    I’ve reset it so many times but the same issues keep coming up.

    Still in a contract till April so I’m thinking about getting a cheap android 2.3 phone to use with my sim. Nothing fancy but I wouldn’t mind a tracking app for riding which should run on any android phone, would also like wifi and internet tethering. Anyone got an opinion on Huawoi or a cheap HTC? Don’t want to spend more than $200ish. I'm not really fussed about camera quality or design. I just want something that doesn't lag/crash with basic functions.

    I got my dad a cheap ($150 I think) LG which he loves so I might grab one of these before taking a hammer to my current POS.

  2. It Geek mat has HTC Desire I think, not sure of cost but he reckons it rocks!
  3. I love my Samsung Galaxy S2 but if you're on Optus, Virgin or an Optus reseller and on a budget then you could do a lot worse than a Huawei IDEOS 8150.


    A decent alternative if you're on Telstra is a HTC Wildfire S (not the earlier non S version which has a much crappier screen) you can get one outright from Dick Smith for $199. The Wildfire S is basically a Desire shrunk down a bit.


  4. Kmart/target had cheap x10 mini pros (100-200) recently, but they were locked to telstra cos they're sold as a prepaid.
  5. Wildfire looks suitable, I'd just need to find one unlocked.

    That X10 mini pro also looks exactly like what I'm after. I think it's running quite an old version of android though? Is there anything similar to this with a faster processor and newer OS?

    The reason the Huawoi's caught my eye (other than price) is android 2.2/2.3 and decent processor speed.

    My pet hate is lagging/freezing...

    Actually, the x10 mini pro has a 600MHz processor which I think is decent? How hard is it to update the OS to android 2.3? It looks like they go for $150ish on ebay unlocked.

  6. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=727

    It'll take about ~30 minutes to flash a custom rom first time round (assuming you've never done it before), everything after that'll take about 2 minutes. Most threads in there come with step by step instructions.

    As long as you're flashing a rom and not the radio etc, theres no chance of bricking it, which is gravy.

    EDIT: on my last comment, that's true for the 2 phones I've owned and I've flashed myself. I think the boot sequence for android phones are all the same (ie radio first, system second) so it should be true but I'm actually not 100% on that. Regardless it's still pretty hard to brick em.
  7. Hmmm theoretically I could probably do that with my phone then...
    I thought that these custom roms had lots of glitches which is the last thing I want.

    I would have thought if you have android you could just install an update (like a pc) for the new version?
  8. Depending on what phone it is and where you bought it from - it'll be locked to both manufacturer and then telco spec. ie once htc releases their 2.3 updates, telcos add all their jazz to it and deploy it. If you haven't got it installed yet then it hasn't been released.

    As long as you pick a stable release you shouldn't have any issues, most of them are repackaged every night so things get sorted pretty quick smart. Also there's a much bigger dev community for android than winmo if you do run into issues.

    To make it a bit harder for you, reliability/glitches/etc vary depending on what the rom is based on. Ie cyanogenmod which was based off the vanilla AOSP code seemed to be pretty much flawless and the quickest of the bunch, things that add in HTC sense (particularly when it was ported to a non HTC device) or some other UI have a few more tricky things to run through.
  9. :shock: Thanks man. I appreciate it but thats gone way over my head.
  10. If your contract expires in April, your early cancellation fees would be near nothing. I personally to get phones through contracts so you just end up paying a small amount a month. Saves a big initial outlay, and you can get a much better phone. I have a HTC Desire HD which is very good, or Telstra now offers the Galaxy S II on nextg which I would recommend (considering cancelling my contract a year early just for the better network)
  11. Huawei makes pretty good value smart phones for what they are, however if you can extend the extra cash go for a samsung or lg, both make high spec phones at a decent price and good quality
  12. Another option is to check out Optus's "clearance bin". My daughter bought a Motorola Milestone 2 a few weeks ago. She got it on a flat $29 cap plan with 200 megs of data a month.

    It runs Froyo but that shouldn't be a problem. I haven't seen any tangible benefit of spending more dough to get a phone running on 2.3.

    The MM2 has the usual features, 3.7" screen, 8 gig of RAM I think (store heaps of apps) plus internal storage, sd card etc.

    The biggest feature, I reckon, is the slide out keyboard.

  13. RAM doesn't store anything, and I really really doubt that any phone has 8gb of it, considering most PCs don't even have that much. You're probably thinking of 8gb internal storage
  14. I have a HTC Wildfire. And I got two for my kids. @189 each from unique mobiles online.
    Unlocked although old telstra stock.
    I go through a lot of phones being on a bike all day, rain and shine. And these little suckers have stood up well.
    It does it all but nothing great. Just a sturdy little phone.
  15. Yes. that is correct. The Motorola does have 8 gb of internal storage. It also has 1.5 gig if "RAM" for storage and running of apps. More than plenty for a phone, I reckon, given that my HTC Desire has 512 megs, and often runs under 20 megs free after the apps have been installed and "moved to SD card" where possible.
  16. Again, RAM isn't storage, but you've got the general idea

  17. Damn that's a really good deal. Wish I saw it yesterday...
    I really didn't want another contract though.

    I ended up buying a Huawei Sonic for $188. It's got slightly better specs then the HTC wildfire and runs 2.3 from the box, so pretty good value.

    So far I can't fault it. Does everything my gf's iPhone4 and friends galaxy S does at 1/4 of the price. Can't comment on reliability yet but it seams sturdy and with a case, will look exactly like a google nexus phone.

    If the optus cancellation fee is excessive I'll probably continue using my current sim. If cheap I'll look at a TPG $15monthly, no contract plan and burn my savings in front of my nearest optus store.
  18. That Motorola Milestone 2 looks like its got 512mb of RAM which is pretty good.

    I think the Huawei only has 256 but I couldn't actually get it to freeze or lag (simultaneously running navigation, messaging, internet, email, 3 games, anti virus etc...)
    The only thing it probably can't do due to the low ram is run flash websites properly, which I don't care about. Still, for $188 I'm pretty happy.

    It might go back up to $248 tomorrow which would lessen the appeal. Still a good buy though.

  19. Why not?

    Good luck with the Huwei, though.
  20. Just sick of paying for things I don't fully utilize. Trying to free up some cash for more important things.