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cheap airfares to london

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Thanks stanga169!!!!!!

    Words can't describe how perfect that timing is!!
  2. Those are good prices.
  3. hope it starts a price war with the others
  4. hope you can snag a ticket browny
  5. hope u can finaly get a root brownny :D
  6. The period you can fly is a bugger since we'll be in NZ at the time. Wish I'd known about it a few weeks back before we made arrangements...
  7. I didn't get it quite that cheap but my wife and I are flying to London in October for less than $1900 for the two of us including taxes with AirAsia.

    I've flown with them a couple of times before. You get what you pay for as far as service goes but it's only a few hours of my life. I'd rather spend the money on beer than on airfares.
  8. ...are they normal economy type seating arrangements or are they even more squished up ??
  9. Doesn't really matter anymore as they sold out in an hour :(
  10. that's why I couldn't get my KL to London one booked when I tried at lunch time... :(
  11. The seats on AirAsia flights I've been on don't recline properly. They just sort of sink down, reducing your leg room.

    AirAsia are apparently changing this because they've had bucket loads of complaints about the seat.

    When we flew back from KL to Melbourne, I watched 2 1/2 movies and the time flew. A 14 hour flight might be different but nothing that drugs can't fix.
  12. Got ours a couple of months ago, $1200 for one way to Frankfurt. Too bad they didn't pop up earlier :p