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Cheap accommodation in Melbourne next week

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Brother 'n me are attempting a longish ride next week. Two days, Monday and Tuesday to get to Melbourne, Wednesday and Thursday down there, then Friday/Saturday and possibly Sunday to get home. So I'm looking for some advice about cheap accommodation for Tuesday and Wednesday night. Preferrably on the outskirts of the city, Lilydale or the like, and ideally with the ability to lock up the bikes, (so we don't have to walk home!)

  2. I reckon deadmandeadman would be able to help here, he's got a pretty good grip on what goes on in his neck of the woods, let's see if he drops in :)
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  3. What level of accom are you looking for hornet? Caravan park, motel, hotel, etc?
  4. Hotel probably chili, getting a bit too old to take on a caravan, plus hotels often offer lock up storage for bikes. But seriously, just a nice room with security for the bikes..
  5. Hmm I live here and can't think of too much out this way. Have you tried Wotif or Lastminute?
  6. Wotif has a few, these are in croydon just 5 mins from lilydale.
    Victoria House Motor Inn - $165
    Dorset Gardens Hotel Motel - $99

    Hope this helps...
  7. Doing GOR?
  8. No idea on lock up as I dont use them,
    York on Lilydale, Motels are at the back, and they have 24 hour security guards walking around it, Pokies at the front,
    I think its address is Mount Evelyn, Its back fence is definately in Lilydale,
    I live across the road and I am Lilydale, Its on the council border,

    Not sure if the Dorset has lock up, I wouldnt leave my bike in the grounds there, Unattended,
  9. Best roads coming down, Granya, Kiewa Vally Hwy, Tawonga, Bright, Myrtleford, Whitfield, Mansfield, Jamieson, Eildon, Buxton, Then either straight through for the Blacks Spur, Healesville, Lilydale,
    Or turn left for Marsyville and the Reefton Spur, Warburton, Lilydale,
    Or you can go over Mt Hotham, Omeo, Bairnesdale,
    Bermagui, Eden, Bombala, Bonang Hwy, Bruthen, or Lakes entrance for the scenic route, Bairnesdale,

    Mitta Mitta, Omeo, Bairnesdale, Get fuel at Tallangatta, Or you might end up walking, hahaha,

    Bairnesdale to Melb will be by PM only, Back roads,

    The rest of the roads down are Slabs, These are all good made roads, The Bonang has 13 Kays of good gravel,

    You need more info, Ask,
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    This joint is pretty spesh... But definitely not cheap

    Expect $200 a night if you get a deal.. Its 5 star accom and fine dining.. Hit a round of 9 before heading of for the day...
  11. Drop in for a coffee when your down Paul, Be good to catch up again,
    Cheers Brian,
  12. You're a very funny man!!!!!!
  13. I certainly will Brian, I haven't seen you since jindabyne.....
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  14. There's plenty of places to stay around the eastern suburbs, but I can't think of any that have lock-ups suitable for bikes. I can recommend Victoria House in Ringwood but I'll see what else I can find that might be better.
  15. Have a look on lastminute.com.au, and search under eastern suburbs. There's a few from Eltham, Mitcham and towards the Dandenongs that might be Ok. You can sort by rating and price.
    As mentioned, I can't think of any out this way that have lock up parking, but I think a few do have undercover parking lots.
  16. stay at the york and park at deadmans? or if theres gaurds buy them a large coffee, and a donut?
  17. Thank you ALL for your kind and helpful responses.

    The big adventure starts tomorrow morning early and we're staying Monday night at Cann River.

    After lots of (sometimes confusing) internet searches, I found the Australian Home Away Cottage at Wonga Park. I've been able to book Tuesday and Wednesday night for $176, which works out at around $40 each per night, for a self contained cottage with kitchen tv and air conditioning.

    So I'll be basing operations there for two days, and hoping to get to a couple of coffee nights and maybe see some friendly faces during the day too.

    We're heading home on Thursday morning, planning on doing Yea, Bonnie Doon, Wodonga, then Corryong and over the alpine highway to Thredbo, then home via the south coast on Friday (depending on Phil's leg and fitness).

    So, again, thanks for all the replies and I hope to see as many of your as I can this coming week.
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  18. Sooooo. ...
    After a late start (9:45) instead of somewhere around 6, thanks firstly to rain and then to Phil's bike's left rear indicator failing, (broken wire on the spade connector) we had a great day on the road. The grey skies cleared by Milton and presented us with a perfect riding day. We arrived at Cann River at about 5:15 after adding the Bermagui to Tathra leg to the trip.
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  19. Bermagui to Tathra is a nice ride,
    Where next,
  20. caz64caz64 reckons the best bacon and egg rolls are there. Where though, I have no idea. I'll take a guess and say Jen and Dazza's Diner :hungry: