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Cheap 50cc scooter recommendation

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by incitatus, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. The receptionist at my office has asked me to recommend a scooter for her. I don't actually know a damn thing about scooters, but because I ride a bike every day she thinks naturally I ought to be an expert. She is looking for a 'WA car licence' type 50cc scooter. She has a budget of $2500 ride away, and is more interested in reliability than performance, with style a close second. It must be able to take a top-box, although the cost of that is not included in the initial $2500. Any recommendations from the Netrider scooteristas ? if yes, why that particular scooter?

  2. A good place for her to start (or for you to read and tell her):
    although since that was published there has been a new models introduced.

    Get her to buy two wheels:scooter magazine, the new one is due out in a week or so I think (#10), good beginner articles and a list of the current scooters in the back.

    If she is limiting herself to $2300 ride away, her choices for a new scooter narrow down to:
    Bolwell Jolie
    Bug Bandit
    Bug Jive
    Honda Today
    Hyosung SB50
    TGB 203
    SCP Beccio
    SCP Runna
    Vmoto Milan
    Yamaha Jog CV50A

    all are around $2000+orc

    All are good scooters - she will basically need to choose the styling, to choose the scooter.
    The Yammy has just been re-released to rave reviews and would be the one I'd be looking at first. The Jolie is a good scooter (I have one) and the Bugs are Australia's highest selling scooter.
    Only one really to avoid is the Honda Today - it's a 4 stroke 50cc, too slow.
  3. Bolwell Jolie + some safety gear.
  4. Thanks for the info folks, she has now purchased a Hyosung Rally 50. It was a couple of hundred over her budget, but she just liked it better than the others she looked at.

    She is determined to squid though, no matter what I say, she won't accept that any safety gear other than a helmet is required on a scooter, because "none of her friends need it"....... :shock: :roll:
  5. Well tell her that they ARE making great advances in skin graft technology nowadays!

    Incitatus, see if she will accept a riding lesson or two from you, if she won't go and get a licence (she might in a years time, you never know). I bet she knows nothing about headchecks, tyre pressure importance, looking to where you need the bike to go etc etc.
  6. yeah, PLEASE do share some of your bike riding savvy with her. One thing we need less is another motorcycle rider being in the paper for an accident.

    You have no idea how many scooterist I know fell off their scoot. Especially ones with 10" wheels sliding over man-hole covers. Turning with the handle bar and not leaning. So many common mistakes.

    good luck.
  7. Perhaps I should post a pic of my injury that was incurred during a low speed off (lowside) during the scooter challenge last week.....
    And I was wearing cordura jacket (minus armour...dang, I knew there was something missing) I was only doing about 35kms and I have no skin on my left elbow, and a huge gouge out of my arm below the elbow, about 15 cms long in total, and very very painfull.
    The only thing Ive got to say about my off is....
    I am extremely happy to have gone down whilst on the track, a controlled environment and no cars to run me over. If I was out in traffic and this had of happened, there is no doubt I'd have sustained a much more severe injury than I did on the track.
  8. I though the standard riding gear for female scooterists (especially younger ones) were short skirts and high heels. ;)

    Until Draggin invent some sort of reinforced safety stockings, I can't recommend it.

    If you can at least impart some sort of two-wheeled roadcraft onto her, then she'd be at least one step ahead of most stupid newbie 50cc riders out there. ;)
  9. tell her women look so hot in leathers
  10. or just tell her that she looks really good right now, but you might change your opinion if she has skin from her bum implanted on her face after an off. Or a chunk of her fore arm mussle missing, or no butt to hold up her G-string becaue she just slid 100m down the road in her mini skirt.

    Please do educate her. It costs more to have skin craft than good jacket and pants.