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Chav talks the talk...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I want sound hahahah
  2. I think there is a version on youtube with sound but it needs sign in. I think the vid is called "skinhead picks on the wrong guy" or something similar.

    Youtube version needs sign in
  3. A 50 odd year old materials science lecturer at UNSW had something similar happen to him. 3 guys attacked him one night at blacktown station, didnt know he was a triple black belt.
  4. There was a story (can't find it now) out of Sydney last week about a young thug who picked an old guy who turned out to be a retired boxer. They showed a picture of the young bloke's face; not pretty :LOL:.....
  5. That would be this one:

    Gregory McCalium broke into the home of 72-year-old British man Frank Corti, armed with a knife.

    What the party boy did not know is that Frank Corti was a former champion boxer.

    Apparently party boy threatened Mr Corti with the knife. Frank then grabbed McCalium's wrist with one hand and used his trusty right fist, which won him many fights. Frank Corti is only 5-5" in height, a retired army engineer and fought as a featherweight. Allegedly there had been a dispute over noise coming from party boy's house.


  6. :rofl: that's it!!!

    (Sorry, I didn't read the story fully and didn't realise it was from the UK, not Sydney..)
  7. Nice bit of rough justice.
  8. more of these twats need a good beat down!
  9. 5 abo's had a go at me and a mate in the city on the weekend.
    He's a martial arts instructor, I've got 8 years under my belt. Ended with a few indigineous australians having a nice nap on traditional lands, and me breaking a finger *sigh*. Point is, you never know... my mate and I are both 80kg white boys, not exactly tank material.

    That other story was I believe an old digger who used to be on the royal boxing team. Heartwarming stuff :p
  10. More on the old champ.

    I cant help but smile when I read this!
  11. Bit hard to tell for sure. Certainly appears to hold his fists Wing Chun style. Regardless, he did all the right things - kept his guard in place, measured his footwork well, didn't let the guy flank him, kept his cool and waited for the opening.

    Stories like these make me very happy - that twat went from arrogant hardarse to whipped puppy in one punch. There should be more of it.

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  13. He gave that bin a good seeing to....

    ....right before he got his arse kicked!!! Bwahahahaha
  14. You are right, he put that bin down, good and hard. he obviously didn't expect to join it.
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  16. youch!

    But taking on a guy you and your mates just beat up, while he is behind the wheel of a heavy metal car is just asking for trouble.
  17. +1 Love it!
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    old thread I know, but a mate recently sent me the link to the vid and I spied this link for an article in the sun

    And then in the related videos....

    [URL="]Cross Dressing Cage Fighters beat down homophobic thugs - Wales[/URL]. Genius...!
  19. haha i love stories like these and they've been sweeping the internet of late!

    You never know who's got a bit of training behind them.

    I'd love to see a thread about which netriders have a history of training. I'd love to meet up for netrider training days! We could supplement a ride with a bit of training haha