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Chatterbox intercom

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gato, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. I've been looking for an intercom system for a while now. This product has come to my attention recently and it sounds very promising. That's why I thought I should share it here, in case anyone else is on the lookout like me.

    I was leaning towards BlueAnt. I read a review here, i think from Vic. While it sounds good, it only offers the very limited 1-to-1 comm.

    That's where this little ripper shines! This one feature that grabs me: 1-to-3 connection, ie. one unit can connect to 3 others (PLUS phone, iPod & other peripheral devices). All the other bluetooth intercom systems (like BlueAnt) currently only offers 1-to-1! :evil: That is a major flaw IMHO.

    Is anyone using this product?

    By the way, the site:

  2. 500m aint that far, i'd be more interested in their x1 "transmtiter' product.
  3. still only has a 500m range between bikes :(
  4. The GMRSX1 Bluetooth has a range of up to 5 miles and has 22
    channels/38 talk groups. Available for Full-Face or Open-Face kits.

  5. actually the 500m range is not so much a problem for me. when riding with mates, with pillion whatever, i want to be able to talk to them (ALL OF THEM) instead of having to hand signal and gesture like i'm having a fit! gets frustrating sometimes. might look funny to others, but it's dangerous...

    now, 1-to-3 connection capability won't be enough for a big group, but for a more intimate group that would be perfect. i hope it's a sign intercomm products are heading in the right direction.
  6. Well that brief blurb is very misleading. The five miles range applies to its built in UHF transceiver, not to bluetooth. UHF is fine, but it is quite different to a bluetooth connection, and brings its own set of issues.

    There is no bluetooth standard with a five miles range. 500m is an excellent range for bluetooth, and certainly would be adequate for very small group communication.

    Actually, using mobile phones capable of directly connecting to each other (there are some around now) and using buddy groups would make way more sense than either bluetooth or UHF.
  7. How do you do that? I imagine it won't be like a conference call and everyone in the buddy group's online on their mobiles... and getting billed by the minute. that would be expensive! :shock: forgive my ignorance, but this is the first time i'm hearing about this solution.
  8. Who cares what tech it uses if you can tune into each other, uhf is more reliable than bluetooth anyway and lets you pickup truckies etc :p.

    Thus if you need to pair to your own mobile phone, 500m should be adequate. Unless you come off your bike on a busa, in which case its entirely possible your helmet will slide 500m further down the road than your phone :p
  9. I'm wondering if anyone's interested in a group buy. Chatterbox has a local representative, so dealings will hopefully be simple (http://www.fox-com.com.au/).

    The reason this product appeals to me is I'm not limited to just 1-to-1 connection, or even 1-to-3. The UHF allows communication with walkie talkies.

    I'm really keen to get a pair of the X1 BlueTooth. Anyone else, or which model you're after?
  10. I haven't used it nor do I have a reference at hand, however from memory it is like the PTT (Push To Talk) functions available from some service provides and on some phones. PTT allows you to define a group of people that you can talk to using your phone like a walkie talkie that connects only to the defined group, without going through the process of ringing each person. You can also define "channels" to use for the connection. It does use the mobile phone network, and it does cost money. www.dalbyautoelectrics.com.au/Assets/Push_To_Talk_Customer.pdf

    However, I have also heard of phones that can use the function without going through a phone network, connecting directly phone to phone(s) using the existing built in hardware in the phone. I'll let you research that if you wish.
  11. A lot of security companies use PTT now.