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Chatterbox alarm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TOMatoPASTE, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hey im lookin for added protection for my bike (zxr250) as its just got a standard disc lock at the moment and stumbled across the Chatterbox HJC-2002 bike alarm system. Does anyone have experience with these or any recommendations. Its only $180 for a full remote alarm/immobaliser which is a hell of a lot more accessable than the 500-600 asked for the scorpion alarms. On the note of my bike, bein what it is its only bout 170kg wet so its light (although not that light for a 250), anyway, would these be hot targets for theives or do you think they would rather go for newer and bigger sports bikes rather than the 20y.o. learners???
    Cheers for the advice

  2. Anything that is expensive for the "Mario's" and "Habib's" to insure will be on the "must steal" list.

    A little ZXR250....no so much.

    Put the money towards a decent insurance policy and forget the alarms.
    If they want it, they will make it theirs.
  3. +1
    There was a video on the forums earlier this month and 2 guys just picked the bike up and put it in a van then drove off. Its just too easy.
  4. yeah i saw that video, dirty buggas :evil:

    well i hav 3rd party from racv and they dont offer a fire and theft and as iv just found out wont even do a full comp on my bike, period. most others offerin comp end up with me pretty much payin for a new bike once a claim is made haha so thats outa the question. hopefully the alarm ill be worth that little extra piece of mind adn detterence.

    and as small and wimpy as it may be, its still my baby :grin:
  5. Vic is right, it's not a target as such for crooks. Thing is though, if someone has a nice one and they bin it, fairings can be hard to come by and expensive, along with other parts, so if they are not insured, they go looking for one to acquire.
  6. soooooooooo scratch up the fairings and i shud be right :grin: haha

    ok, makes me feel a bit better. Has anyone had experience with this alarm system before?
  7. I have had no dealings with this alarm system but I would recommend fully, without any hesitation, a Mongoose Striker Bike Alarm. I have had 5 Mongoose alarms (2 cars and 3 bikes) and have had nothing but excellent performance and service from the alarm and Mongoose Australia.

    The good thing about the Striker is that is also includes a Mercury Tilt Switch Sensor which will stop dicks from just trying to right your bike and sit on it.

    Checkout Mongoose on the web and contact your nearest dealer for a price OK.


    Cheers - Paul