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Chats at traffic lights.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mcsenna, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Pulled up at the lights yesterday next to a giant of a bloke on a Honda ST 1300. He flipped up his helmet and pointing to my bike said "first bike I ever owned was a yellow one of those, great bike".
    As I was imagining how this huge guy would have looked on a CB 400 he added, "I was a lot smaller then."
    Gave a hearty laugh and off he went. Don't you love these little chats at the lights ? Can't do that in a car.

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  2. I have bad hearing, or to protect whats left of my hearing i have earplugs in.

    I just nod and smile...
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  3. usual chat I have at the lights go something like this

    me: hfhxa sdafhjg jkhdffa
    them: dfssvh bkdkjdk bnhbk

    we both then wave and off we ride.
    Hard to hear most times as it is
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  5. My most memorable chat would have to be the day I found my 2006 Fireblade and made a phone call to reserve it, on the way home after the phone call a 2006 Fireblade turned up next to me and we were discussing how good the 2006 model is. Safe to say it's the best buy I've ever had, even after knocking off $3000 the original price
  6. Not everyone speaks Greek mate.
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  7. Actually that is mumble :p
  8. I remember pulling up next to a nice looking lass on a scooter in the city one day. I commented that she should pull her hipster jeans up more when she rode as half her pretty little bottom was exposed and she was showing the world her lovely red knickers. Fortunately I was on a noisy motorcycle, wearing a full face helmet and she didn't hear a word I said.
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  9. Why would you do that????

  10. always get people on scooters mirin my cb.
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  11. Lmao @ people Mirin' a cb125

    - i grab my earphone cable so they can see that i can't hear and continue on my way.
  12. Is that why you wouldn't talk to me at the High St lights the other day ?
  13. Na - just felt like fcuking with you :p
  14. Had a few in my short time as a motorcyclist. One I feel worthy of note...

    Travelling on the highway recently, sitting on a rather boring, some would say legislated, speed. I had a hog fly past me, seemingly doing a far more enjoyable speed than myself. The chap was wearing his colours, looking serious, riding alone. I decided to tag on the back of him and take advantage of the 'escort'. And keep him company of course. Bout 30 mins later, coming into a small town, we get stopped at a roadwork stop light. I pull up just behind and to his left. He turns and says "Gday mate, how's things?" I reply "Pretty good bud, You?." He replies "Yeah, not bad. You enjoying hiding behind me?" And I reply "Yeah mate, you're doing a great job". We both chuckle and as the light goes green we head off. He pulls off into the next servo and I'm left to go it alone again.

    Was a boring trip from there...
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  15. Admit it, your mirin too
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  16. Mine was with a guy in a car a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting at the lights on Heatherton road waiting to turn right onto the Monash freeway when I hear the car beside blow its horn
    I look across and the guy in the car besides me rolls down his window and yells you must be fcuking freezing (it was 7am and I think 3 degrees)
    I laughed and said it was a little bit fresh
    he says a bit fresh mate its fcuking freezing
    I replied yeah you certainly know your alive
    he laughed says good luck but I will stick to the car and heater
    lights change and we both take off
  17. Had one of those conversations a the little a little while ago.
    A nice chap was warning me that if you run a camera and do something illegal the coppers could take it and use it as evidence, good advice. ;)

    Chat at the lights is at the 2 minute mark for those who don't like my long videos. (y)


  18. I would've just TEC'd her all the way to her destination...........

    .............for safety sake.........
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  19. You sir are a true gentleman........

  20. Damn straight......all about getting a lady to where she needs to be getting to........