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Chasing the Dream: Over 30, returning or starting to ride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matt232, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Just came across this now.

    Chasing the Dream
  2. The other publications that the Chasing the Dream booklet referes to are

    Discover Safe Riding
    The Right Line (the vicroads page seems to be missing but managed to find the pdf)
    Victorian Rider Handbook
    The complete skin care range for motorcyclists (can't find an online resource for this)

    Few other references

    VMAC has a some stuff on thier page also the Spokes website
  3. An excellent booklet on a lot of the things we need to consider when purchasing a bike and gear, whether it be new or secondhand and either a new rider or returning to riding.
    I found my copy in my local motorcycle wreckers.
  4. WooHoo thats me I got my first bike almost two years ago and I am almost 39. I wanted one ever since I was a kid but things got in the way like cashflo,work ,wife'house,kids heheheh but I got it now and cant wait till I get a bit bigger one.

    But like I say to them that like to have a dig .....at least I am riding one and I am not a fairweather rider I ride all the time. Oh and Hello Netriders
  5. Thanks for the posting the link but I'd already found that one.....not sure I'd spend money on the pamphlet especially considering I've already got it 3 times over sitting in my cupboard...but that doesn't help someone who hasn't seen it before and wouldn't mind downloading a PDF of it.

    I sent an email to VMAC to see if they knew of it being hosted somewhere and also to look into broken link on thier website, but no word back thus far.
  6. Welcome Scorpious, better late than never, eh??? :grin:
  7. Welcome Scorpious, I waited until I was mearly 40 to get my learners, so better late than never.

    I reckon I would be a statistic if I had got my bike at 18.
  8. For new riders, make sure you order your free copy of the Ride Smart CDs.. I find that the CD is very useful. It actually shows you the real simmulation of what you need to observe, anticipate and response on the road when riding...

    " Ride Smart CD-ROM - This new training CD especially designed for motorcyclists is now available free of charge to Victorian riders. Click here to order your copy... "
  9. Same here... always wanted to ride a bike and but other things had taken priorities..

    I only just started to get into it.. and my 7 year old said to me the other daywhen she saw my bike in the garage...

    "Dad, don't you think you are a little bit too old for that? " I was like ... *speechless...* :D :D
  10. I got my Ls about a month or so ago, will be looking for a bike when I get my finances in order.

    That Ride Smart CD is really good, a real eye opener for me, showed me what it's really like to be on a bike and the dangers you can experience probably on a daily basis on a bike.
  11. Bugga, looks like I cant get the cd as I dont have a VIC licence as I am in WA.

    Thanks for the welcome and my kids, boy 11 girl 9 think I am a cool dad cos I ride lol

    As far as the wife and my parents go,they dont want me to have one as I have already been close to extinction from a car but that was when I was standing on the road and not riding .
    Dad and Mum had a major when they lived in England when they rode and so I guess that has tainted them a little.But at the end of the day its my choice and I am responsible for my own safety so BE AWARE AT ALL TIMES.... I am invisible to the motorists... thats how I see it.