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chasing alternative parts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by buzzawak, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    I have recently purchased a sachs KN150 off ebay. The bike is in good nick (6 months old) except the damper rubber in the rear hub is close to shot. Guessing its the result of the previous owner not maintaining the chain and cheap Chinese rubber (the rubber feels softer that it should). Problem is that the importer is under receivership and no parts are available anywhere and I need to get it fixed with in the next few weeks.

    I have read the the Sachs KN150 is copied of the 1997 Suzuki GN125 and some parts maybe interchangeable.


    Top picture is the sachs and below it is the suzuki.
    The rims do look the same in the pictures.
    Does anyone information that would assist in resolving my problem?
  2. if your talking about the cush drive try going to a rubber manufacturer in your town and see if they can make something up obviously from stronger rubber
  3. You may know about injection molding that me but would the cost of creating the mold cost more that the bike is worth ? (sorry if I sound rude)
  4. they might just need to cut the rubber to shape and size mate its worth looking into as your only going to have the same problem with the rubber from china its common with the chinese bikes shockies (bushings on rear shockies) on ebay
  5. GS125, not GN ;).
    Although I did read somewhere that the engine being used is in fact a copy of a Honda - as far as I'm aware the GS125 didn't actually have a cush drive rubber. That is really more of a Honda thing.

    As for sourcing a replacement I'd agree with the post above about finding a rubber place that can cut something to suit. Only other option would be to try browsing Chinese websites for "FY150-3" parts.
  6. Thank for your input but I don't think a rubber place can do the job seeing the cush drive in my bike is a one piece thingy. If it was 4 separate segments then cutting some rubber may do the trick. The Suzuki I am talking about is a GN125E. below is a parts diagram of the Suzuki's back wheel and the cush drive looks very similar to the one in my Sachs 150cc
  7. Which Honda engine do you think would be a match ?
  8. Ahh okay, didn't realise the GN had a cush drive. The GS is still much closer in terms of styling though :p.

    As for the engine I'm not sure what Honda engine the Chinese have been copying. I suspect it's probably the CG125 engine that's been bored out to 150cc. Not sure if parts would be compatible though, the Chinese have a habit of copying parts by using an original to make a mould - with the resultant copies being around 5% smaller (due to metal shirnkage on cooling). This is one of the reason why tolerances can be so bad in Chinese manufactured goods (though they are getting sophisticated and starting to use 3D imagers and computerised milling machines now).
  9. there are mobs that make new rubber bits for the classic car industry. They take the old and make a flexible mold and cast yours.

    It's cheaper than you think.

    You can even buy do-it-yourself kits, though they may not be big enough for the amount of rubber you need.

    it also depends on how bad your current cush drive is.

    No suzuki dealer is likely to have one on the shelf to compare. So a wrecker is your only hope, but I doubt any were sold in Australia. If they were you'd be lucky to find one in a wrecker.

    so in the end the internet is going to be the only way if you can't get one made.
  10. Just had a quick look at a Honda CG125 service manual. Those sneaky buggers. The engines look the same. Will spend some time on the weekend
    having a closer look. Thanks
  11. Will hits the local wreckers on Saturday, never know your luck. One that I spoke to today says he had a big box of cush drive to look in. thanks
  12. Most cush drives are basically individual rubber blocks that are joined to make assembly easier. If you bought a slab of the right sort of rubber, you could cut out the separate blocks with a bandsaw and probably assemble the hub with some care and maybe tape/blutack to hold things in place as you go. Its not something you'll have to pull apart often.
    Or if you find something similar but bigger at the wreckers you could trim it to size, that way you're sure its the right rubber.
  13. Will try option two on saturday.
  14. Bit of an update.

    Bit of an update!
    Went to the wreckers today to see if I could find a cush drive for the Sachs Express. After explaining that the drive from a Suzuki GS125 could possible fit and did he have one. He said he had a complete Sachs Express up on the shelf. This was all a bit to easy! Bet you can guess which was the only part missing from that bike, yep the cush drive! This makes me think that the cush drive on the express are all faulty.

    Anyway we managed to find a perfect match that was off a Suzuki GN250 which I installed this arvo.

    I would recommend that if you own a Sachs Express examine the cush drive. Compared to other cush drives the rubber used in the Sachs is very very soft and pron to failure.

    The bike is only 6 months old (crap rubber)


    The replacement is from the Suzuki GN250 (and a perfect fit)

    P.S the guys at "Which Bike" wrecker in Adamstown Newcastle are great and charge a fair price. This is an unpaid plug !
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  15. Buzzawak - I applaud your efforts in finding out this valuable information for us fellow Sachs owners. Will be looking around wreckers here to see if they have any GN250 cush's.

    How many k's did your KN150 have on it? Mine only has just under 1000 ( I only travel 7km to work and back with the occasional weekend ride ) - just want to know as to when I should look at replacing.

    How have you found the replacement cush?
  16. I purchased the bike second hand off ebay. The original owner got it new from bikebiz in June 08 it currently has 4360K on the clock. If your light in the acceleration from the traffic light your cush drive may be intact.
  17. Misfit, I wouldn't be too worried, if the cush drive turns to poo it won't leave you stranded, it'll just make clunking noises as you power on or off or change gear and feel like the chain is loose. It would be worth keeping an eye out for a GN250 cush because it looks like you'll need it sooner or later.
  18. If you are unable to find a 2nd hand cush drive rubber, a new one can be obtained from Suzuki as a GN250 (all model years) "Part # 6465138300 Cushion, RR Drum", costing approx. $23. The new part is made in Japan & hopefully might last a little longer than the original Sachs part. Regards to all.