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Chaser's Under fire

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21912889-2,00.html

    The Jewish community being upset at those films is fair enough given they are Nazi propaganda flicks.

    So why is it that Cardinal Pell/The Catholic church AND Anglican church can see the obvious humour, yet the Muslim community is "incensed".

    How long until we see burning "Chaser" effigies and a Jihad declared?

    What would've happened if they "disrupted" a service at a Mosque? Absolute outrage and probably revenge attacks.

    What if they showed an "anti Muslim" propaganda flick?

    Another case of "Victim complex" from the Muslim community?
  2. I'll get the effigy if you get the kero.

    The Chaser are wankers. 50% of their stuff is truly funny but it is spoilt by the other 50% which is confrontational, insensitive, ill-conceived crap. Some of their stuff can really screw people around. Like walking into a store with a stocking on their head. That can really f%^& people up who have actually suffered a violent robbery. But they think that is funny.

    As for giving them credit for immediately apologising - bullshit. They knew it would be a problem and shouldn't have done it in the first place.

    Don't turn this into another Muslim bashing diatribe because it isn't just Muslims that hate these idiots!
  3. um I think they are funny, they do overstep boundaries but pfft comedy has being doing that for ages. :grin:
  4. Only sooky lah lahs take comedy seriously :p
  5. The comment from the Chaser on this sketch was that it was mostly pre-planned. I.e. The film crew went in five minutes earlier and told the staff that something was going to happen, but wouldn't tell them everything.

    It was discussed by the ABC's legal team extensively before it was shot.
  6. I love the Chaser's, but War on Everything is probably the worst of their shows. The Election Chasers and CNNN were brilliant, but sometimes on War they just go a bit too far and go a little bit too far with the jokes and they just end up completely stupid, eg the ad roadtest where they basically trashed the floor in that Athletes Foot.
  7. Considering the way they've named the show, that may actually be the point :idea:
  8. Q.O.T.D.

  9. Easy to say when you're not the butt of the joke!
  10. the chaser magazine/paper was good, the tv shows are purile.
  11. In a day and age where people like to whine about everything I'd like to applaud Chasers WAR on everything. I think they can be very funny, sometimes (i.e. last weeks show) not so much. Some people take themselves too seriously.
  12. I don't take much seriously, ask anyone who's met me.

    But there's a limit to everything, and the current chaser crap isn't very funny, it's more capable of upsetting people than it is getting a laugh.

    But hey, each to their own, and I chose not to watch it.... :wink:
  13. The early chaser stuff was very good, very intelligent, political satire - and their ratings sucked. Now their show is closer to something like Jackass and the ratings are through the roof - kinda says something about the country.
  14. well... i guess im going to hell as i thought it was a funny sketch :oops:
  15. true, sorry dood :oops:

    but that really is a ripper, and i'll wait until i am (the butt of the joke) to take my ball and go home :LOL:
  16. I gave up on them when they wound up CNNNN. The new one doesn't really appeal to me, although it has funny moments. I personally think it's a bit self indulgent, it's gone to their heads.
    Too bad Australia is losing it's ability to laugh at itself.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Agree. Their early stuff was great, but too often their newer stuff makes me cringe. Still has some great moments, just let down by some of the more outrageous stuff.
  18. ditto most of the above. loved CNNN but find WAR a bit hit'n'miss.

    i heard one of the guys being interviewed during the comedy festival about what makes stuff funny. he admitted that the only way you find out where the limit is, is by going past it - bit like finding the limits of a new bike :) he said that they're having to make judgement calls all the time, like whether to do a skit on 9/11 the week it happened. on the one hand they felt they couldn't not mention it that week, but turning any aspect of it into humour so soon was clearly fraught.

    i reckon comedy would be the most ultimately scary, risky and completely joyful and fulfilling career imaginable. i take my hat off to them for sticking their butts on the line every week.
  19. I always say;

    It is easier to apologise then to ask permission

    The show is satire, the sketches are a ruse. The whole show is just a social commentary on todays political and social climate. Plus a whole lot of fun. Every show is offensive to somebody, I would say chaser with their huge ratings and all most cult like following would have to at least reflect a fair proportion of the population.

    Its a great Australian tradition to poke fun at everybody and have a drink with them afterwards. Its also a law that if someone cracks the shits over a bit of fun you have to poke at them more. Taking everything life sends your way too seriously is hazardous to your health and wellbeing.
  20. My thoughts exactly.
    It wouldnt get a run on commercial TV and there is some pure crap on there.

    I'd like my 8c per day or whatever it is back please.