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Chasers took one step to far...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Good on em I say.
    In teh curent climate i think something needs to point out the farce of APEC, and looks like they did it (Posible at considerable personal expence)

  2. Its amazing how far you can get dressed as osama bin laden these days :LOL:
  3. The two bikes were Boris and Mick from netrider... Way to go!
  4. well that was damn funny TOP JOB CHASERS!
  5. Yeah. They didn't hurt anyone, haven't done anything wrong imo..
  6. that bulldogs prank was FUNNY AS! only a meat head bull dog fan would get offended, because it's true to the nature of their loved team [dumb conts!].

    so when a person in paliament made a public comment [sorry, forgot the name] he had to say he didnt think it was funny for the sake of votes and 'maturity' so he appeared on the show later and said he did think it was funny and is as happy as everyone when it comes to the choice to drop charges.

    the same things going to happen again i guess. its a pitty we heard about it cause it would hav been v funny to watch without knowing.


    and good on them for dressing up as bin liner to take pic of the harbor bridge last year. that was great!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I have to admit, I have had many a side splitting laugh from these guys. :LOL:
  8. LOL... where can I see the video?
  9. Not for a while, I'm guessing....

    But damn, they rock. Damn those with no sense of humour, I love to see pollies that play their games knowingly.
  10. they have now been charged...
  11. With?

  12. its all it says.....
  13. Stupidity, hopefully, and their brain-dead masters at the ABC will hopefully also be prosecuted for funding this idiotic effort of pseudo-intellectual masturbation.....
  14. As the regular voice of conservative pro-establishmentism....

    The Chasers are dickheads! They deserve to get charged, convicted and imprisoned. Everyone thinks this shit is funny. But for those who are charged with securing the lives and security of those involved in APEC, AND those anywhere near it(ie. all the people working in the hotels and nearby offices), these pricks do nothing but cause problems and waste resources. The sooner these dicks get imprisoned or their show is axed the better.
  15. Nah, you're just waiting to join Ulysses. They had very similar views to Paul and yourself of this incident :p

    So what about the so called security? The only people who should be punished are those who let them in. The Chasers should be paid for their efforts in showing how lax the security was.

    I think it was hilarious - if he wasn't dressed as Osama, they probably would have got to meet George Dubya :p
  16. And I'm sure the cops who did get busted for this love the Chaser now as they will probably be cleaning up drunks in Kings Cross for the next 10 weeks.

    As for who is getting punished, laws were enacted that specifically stated no-one without authorisation was to breach those lines. It couldn't have received more media attention. These guys deliberately broke these laws in an elaborate and premeditated way. Therefore - send em down for some big time. Simple.
  17. I too think it is hilarious. Sydney has been turned into a fortress, we've heard nothing but APEC on TV for months, we have airbourne snipers hovering next to the Harbour bridge pointing rifles at passersby and a guy dressed up as Osama Bin Laden can drive into the heart of the whole thing in a fake Canadian convoy. If it wasn't a joke before, it sure is now.
  18. Greg you have no sense of irony or humour.
    Your sockpuppet masters have really drained you of any mirth.
    what these guys did was show how much of a farce this whole thing is.
    They are real Aussies in my book and took the piss out of the whole establishment without the crap that the rent a crowd have done.
    these guys may be charged but they will be legends in the majority of most people's minds.
    Found those weapons of mass distraction yet Greg?
  19. greg i think you're being far too harsh on those guys.

    it's easy to let your emotions run off but when you're talking about locking them up, you're talking about some funny guys who didnt hurt anyone.

    i dont care much about the 'waste of resorces', thats no big deal at all! john howard spend 6 billion on his last election campagn. now THAT'S a waste of resorces.

    tis a waste of a jail cell tho, they could put a couple o drink drivers in there.

    russ wrote:

    Stupidity, hopefully, and their brain-dead masters at the ABC will hopefully also be prosecuted for funding this idiotic effort of pseudo-intellectual masturbation.....[/quote]

    'idiotic effort of pseudo-inetllectual mastibation'?

    are you talking about george bush and the obvious ego boost he got out of being powerful and picking on a small country over WMD, when they knew thru unoquivical evidence that Nth Korea had WMD and the 3 rules of USA military were not executed as per the protocol? that idiotic effort of pseudo-intellectual mastibation?