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Chaser Team Charged Over Vatican Stunt.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, May 2, 2009.

  1. I sort of agree. Sometimes they go a bit too far.

    Chaser in hot water over new stunt
    Saturday, May 02, 2009 » 05:15am

    ABC Television's satirical comedy team The Chaser has found itself in hot water again after a Vatican stunt.

    ABC Television's satirical comedy team The Chaser has found itself in hot water again after allegedly flying a blimp into protected airspace above the Vatican.

    Australia's resident ambassador to the Vatican Tim Fischer said charges had been laid over the breach of the no-fly zone above the 44-hectare city state on April 28.

    But The Chaser's executive producer Julian Morrow said he and his colleague Craig Reucassel launched an unmanned helium-filled blimp in Rome's St Peter's Square, not directly over the Vatican.

    He said the pair was detained and questioned for about eight hours by Italian police.

    'I gather Tim said that charges have been laid,' he told ABC Radio on Friday.
  2. I love those guys, they show that you cant take life too seriously. That APEC stunt was gold too.
  3. That was a funny stunt.

    I'm interested in what they were trying to do at the vatican. An unmanned balloon could be pretty funny.
  4. It would seem that it... uh... may have had something written on the side,

    "I don't know that I can go into what was or wasn't written on the side of it yet. That'll all be revealed in due course no doubt," (Morrow) said.
  5. It probably was done up as a condom and carrying condoms. .......... Yeah something along the condom line. :cool:
  6. lol....... I didn't think they could better the apec stunt.
  7. I most definitely agree that it was a good job these guys got nailed. They need to pull their fcuking socks up.

    I used to love the Chaser. Seriously - I thought they were awesome. Like Australia's answer to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I was a regular on their website well before they were "famous" with CNNNN and also loved that show after it was launched.

    Then came the Chaser's War on Everything and things changed. They'd gone from being an insightful, incisive political and social satire show to what I can only categorise as being the "What stupid thing can we dress up as this week" and "Who can we act like total fcukwits to?" show.

    I think it must have been the Colin Firth bloke's departure. As far as I can tell he was the only change between the "good" Chaser and the "pack of wankers" Chaser. During the last American election they had some correspondent heckling Hillary Clinton with a cigar making allusions to Bill Clinton sticking them in Monica Lewisnky's box. It just churned my guts since arguably (the public not withstanding for a moment) Hillary was the victim in that situation. I mean, what kind of crap is that? As an Australian I was offended that we sent someone overseas to harass a woman who had been the victim of adultery and have them think that's what passes as "comedy" in our country.

    If they had been dickheads all along I could forgive them since I wouldn't have cared either way, but that the fact that they used to be brilliant and are now shit makes it all the more harder to take.

    Oh, and the musical spoofs - just stop it. They weren't funny in Fast Forward and they're not funny now. And Fast Forward is nearly 20 years old.

    Seriously, Chasers. Find your way again. Go back to concentrating on how stupid the establishment is, fellas, not how stupid you can make yourselves look.

    [edit] Having said all that I thought the Osama bin Laden thing at APEC a couple of years ago was gold. That's exactly what their purpose should be - finding holes like that in the fabric of "society" and exposing them. But their other antics are such that this whole Vatican thing is something I'm not even prepared to reserve judgement on. Once I would have thought "Hahaha... I don't what it is but I bet it's awesome craic." but now I'm second guessing that impulse, and I guess more than anything that fact is an illustration of how they've lost the plot. They've got me, of all people, adopting a wait-and-see attitude to their latest stunt before I decide if it has merit.
  8. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,,25422583-662,00.html

    CLAIMS The Chaser was charged for flying a blimp above Vatican City were a load of hot air, members of the satirical show's cast said.

    Australian ambassador to the Vatican Tim Fischer said charges were laid against the ABC TV show for breaching a no-fly zone on April 28.

    But The Chaser executive producer Julian Morrow said no charges had been laid.

    Given that he was the butt of a couple of their efforts when he was Deputy PM, I think it might be a bit of wishful thinking on Tim Fischer's part...