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Charter Bus? What charter bus?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by CodeMonkey, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Well, on my commute home today, I had the pleasure of almost being taken out by one of those large greyhound/charter busses... filled with what seemed pensioners..

    This is on the pacific highway, I was infront of the bus.. I came to a stop from down about 70km/h as traffic seized up.. looked into my mirror.. saw the bus (which had been behind me for some time).. thought "OH SH!T" as I realised there was no way it was gonna stop.

    Luckily I was hugging the left of the (most right) lane.. didn't have enough time to react, being a noob and all, just as I started to move further left the Bus came screeching to a halt passed me on the right moving half onto the shoulder.. Definitely would have given me some good injuries had he not moved over to the right.. If I was in the middle of the lane I wouldn't be writing this any time soon.

    After I got back infront of the bus I turned around and looked at the driver.. who just avoided eye contact. I wasn't gonna kick his mirrors off (they are too high up!!).. instead I just gave him the "WTF??" look n shook my head. Forced myself to not think about the near miss since I still had a fair bit of a commute left..

    That was my first real near miss... scary to think that a friggen charter bus who can see way past me at upfront traffic couldn't bother doing me the courtesy of making sure he didn't run me over... although... glad he did swerve to the right..
  2. Sure was nice of him to not run you over.

    Then again, if it was full of pensioners, the driver was probably thinking "if i slam the brakes on, will it kill more people than if i just run into this guy?"

    And if he was thinking that, take it as a compliment; he think's you're really young and fit :D
  3. Jesus... well done man.
    I always wonder how well I'd react to something like this... I can only hope i would do as well as the people who have posted on here.
  4. Holy shit ..... another excuse to split (!)