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Charlene - RC quadricopter gun ship demo vid

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mr Flibble, May 26, 2012.

  1. Be brilliant for taking out speed cameras :D

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  2. That does look like fun.
  3. Re: Charlene

    so many practical uses.
  4. I just bought the little brother camera version... I WANT the one in the clip now!!!!

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  5. Re: Charlene

    You want a bit more speed out of one so it could keep pace with you on the bike though. It would make people far more aware of motorcyclists on the road with a bit of offensive weaponry at our command. ;)
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  6. Thats a bullshit Russian accent that has been put on by the presenter
  7. Re: Charlene

    Syrian government has just ordered 100 of 'em. VP now has to wait months...
  8. well his youtube channel is pretty dam popular and he has been making videos for a long time and gets out and meets his fans all the time. im pretty sure he is a legit Russian otherwise im sure he wouldn't be able to consistently have exactly the same accent in all his communications.
  9. I'm suprised the recoil doesn't knock it over. Some seriously good engineering there.
  10. His Glock 17 twin spiral magazine was better and easier for speed cameras I think
  11. I'm pretty sure he isn't Russian, accent sounds fake to me.

    Wikipedia says he is a yank
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    Yeah, it's a fake accent, but it's part of the charm.
    He used to do video game reviews as FPS Kyle, eg: [media=youtube]bkh33gAsjVU[/media]

    His videos are often hilarious, and sometimes downright impressive (Mostly that he's able to get access to these weapons).
  13. God I hope you're joking.
  14. I don't know if you're mocking my understanding of rotor aeronautics or guns, but I assure you they are both very poor.
  15. My understanding of guns is probably worse than yours!
    But I do think it's pretty clearly a fake.
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    The quad rotor copter would be inherently stable due to the rotors themselves spinning, in much the same way your bike is inherently stable at speed.
    Also, I'd be quite certain that the gun used would be something with build in recoil supression.
    It's common in high calibre automatic weapons such as the AA12 automatic shotgun, which uses a piston in the butt to counter the effects of the recoil.
    Coming full circle in the discussion, here's Kyle messing around with said Auto shotgun (one of his first videos as this persona I believe): [media=youtube]WOoUVeyaY_8[/media]
  17. I stand very corrected about FPSRussia being russian.

    mountaineer, the video is a fake, the copter is real but the shots being fired are CGI and the gun is a dummy model, thats why there is no recoil, you can also see that there is little to no down draft under the craft when it flies over some smoke, indicating that it was done in post. Im pretty sure he even admitted this, its not really up for argument, there is also no way a civilian would be able to posess such a weapon let alone blow it up afterwards.
  18. I'm a bit dissapointed to learn that it was faked as the engineering here would be pretty straight forward given enough money (completely impractical in war though, this thing is a toy).
  19. I still want that quadricopter :)

    Fake or no.