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Charity pays addict to have a vasectomy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Charity pays addict $320 to have a vasectomy

    Its getting a bit orwellian. But a creative solution to the population problem.

    I heard in india they were doing a similar thing to criminals. And also a cash-for-c0ck program, however the dudes who came in were all like 60 years old and had already had 10 kids - kinda defeated the purpose.


  2. dealing as I do with children from drug-affected and alcohol-affected backgrounds I can see the sense of this, but really this should be a public health and government-funded exercise, not be left to charities

    and, if course, it fails to address the sexually-transmitted diseases issue in the drug community

    still it's better than bringing children into the world already addicted to heroin
  3. I once saw a heavily pregnant chick and another dude, both absolutely hammered and stumbling along a footbridge barely holding themselves up with the handrails, and felt a great deal of pity for the kid who was about to be born behind the 8 ball.
  4. ****S!!!!

    I asked my doctor for a vasectomy a few years ago and he refused to refer me to anyone!! Do I have to become a drug addict now??
  5. Change your doctor or learn to lie convincingly about your motivations.

    Wish someone had paid me cash though :LOL:.
  6. ...are drug addicts liable to pass on their addictive behaviour onto children??.. is it hereditary, or is it a personal issue??

    ..and do they go buy drugs with the money from the vasectomy?? :-s

    I personally hate this sort of crap!!... sends out all the wrong signals. I could go on, but it would be terribly PI of me to do so!!.... 8-[
  7. Wait, how does a man pass on a drug addiction via sperm? Maybe in a woman, where the child shares physiology, but even then...

    Orwellian indeed, tin hats on stand by.

    Sounds to me like they want them out of the gene pool because they are a burden on society.
  8. From what I've heard there are people that will get addicted to whatever's about, if that's true and if it's hereditary then this is Eugenics which did most people state is a TM bad thing???
  9. And encouraging them to leave the pool voluntarily is bad......how exactly?
  10. I suppose it's a line drawing exercise really, ok so breed out addicts, then gingers???

    And I suppose if he's a continual addict, there's the question of informed consent too.
  11. Just be more mindful of how you use the word voluntarily. Its like going into a mental institution and asking who wants to kill themselves voluntarily.

    Its very likely that the money they were paid went straight to another drug hit.
  12. Bingo, personally I think it is completley unethical.

    How many recovered addicts or alchoholics have stories of the stupid decisions they made while drunk or stoned....how can a drug addict who is desperate for his next hit make a rational decision about a vasectomy?

    think about the thought process for a drug addict who is offered a wad of cash. Does he think "yes I am a pile of shit who shouldn't be able to have kids now or in the future" or does he think, "blah bla blah just give me the $200 so I can go get some ice"

    These people are exploiting drug addicts for their own benefit
  13. Babies born to a mother who uses heroin during her pregnancy, can be born already addicted. Suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. Many are born physically addicted, meaning it is likely they will die without the drug.

    I dont see the point of paying him really. A bullet would have been cheaper.
  14. I suppose the points are that some can be born addicted but that can be treated with methadone, the bigger problem is the low birth weights etc that addicted mothers produce but again that can be treated after too...

    So do we shot mothers that continue to smoke and drink during pregnancy too. What about mothers that don't take their iron pills???
  15. Hahaha... perfect line from that username!
  16. The mother may be a valued member of society. There is little hope for the bottom-feeder in the story.
    One politician in America said it perfectly... "If you feed feral animals, they breed. They know no better." the charity have fixed part of the problem.
  17. Aside from the ethical issues, it does offer a partial solution to the real issue of overpopulation.

    One-child policy is seen as barbaric, and there are social implications from its implementation (slightly higher percentage of men than women in china), but it has averted (or at least delayed) a global population explosion of epic proportions.

    But it is hard to endorse the practicality of controversial measures when there are so many moral and ethical aspects to the issue.

    The evil part of me thinks "no worries - that is one less kid born into disadvantage", but "informed consent" is definitely a grey area.

    That the person "probably" spent the cash on drugs doesn't bother me - would be hypocritical of me to condemn substance abuse after a weekend on the turps.
  18. Remind me not to get a limp when you're around...
  19. when you say "a limp", you mean your leg, right?
  20. that depends on if you have Dr. Nick preforming the operation!