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Charging up "Selene"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Well, its finally happening. All the months of preliminaries are over, and the old girl is in the shop as we speak getting open heart surgery.

    Trying to make the most out of what I already had bolted on, I've opted to make the following modifications:

    1. Ported manifold
    2. Dyno 3000 Ignition kit
    3. Hypercharger & rejetted carb.

    This bolts in alongside the total engine rebuild (top and bottom) & the Vance & Hines Pro HS pipes. The work is being done by Adam and the boys at City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing, who have cared for the big cruiser ever since I bought her 18 months ago. Adam is quite enthusiastic about the job - I think he must enjoy the performance jobs a lot more than my usual "why is this bolt wet?" questions.

    Finishing this off is still yet to be decided. I'm looking at a Hellriser custom baffle & cap for the pipes to give it a little more roar, but still unsure at this stage (though knowing me, it will probably end up happening).

    Actual gains from this kit on the road are a little vague at present, but theoretically I should see about a 25% gain in overall horsepower. A stock XV1600 makes around 60 horses with 130Nm of torque. I should be seeing around 70-75 horses post-upgrade.

    Prior to this work being done, I had the suspension rebuilt. Went from the basic 13kg/cm rear spring to a 16.5kg/cm (730lb/in to 920lb/in) one. I also had the front shocks re-oiled with a heavier oil to prevent some of the diving at the front under heavy load, and to even out the conditions. This made noticable handling improvements immediately, with much surer tracking through the corners and a generally smoother ride.

    Still pending after all this is to replace the saddlebags with something a little larger for better touring. I've also got my sights firmly set on a Kuryakyn Tombstone bag, which will sit on the pillion set and attach to the sissy bar, providing needed carrying capacity and incorporates a lumbar support in it.

    Anyway, thats the story so far. I'll update this thread with some before and after photos shortly (well, I can do the before at least). Stay tuned.
  2. Looks noice! Certainly better than the old air cleaner. It looked like something a industrial design student would turn in for their "repurpose this bedpan" project.

    I particularly like the custom hose plug on the end of the bracket in http://styledsky.iinet.net.au/bike/DSC_0017.jpg. Please see me after school and we will replace it with something a little less agricultural.
  3. Normally when you say "we'll just replace it" I have visions of lathe work and bolts falling off. This time - hmm... what the hell, lets do it!

    I ordered the last of the machanics parts for her the other day, and its en route from the US. A competition baffle and chromed end cap for the pipes. Should have them in a week or two, then we'll see how she goes. Chairman - a little surgery time I think - what are you rates? :)

    So far clocked up the first thousand km with everything installed, and I gotta say its been great. Power delivery is smooth and strong, more grunt down low and midrange. Really happy with it - so just a couple more minor things and I can pretty much call it done.
  4. So what are the power and torque before and afters Steve... gives us boys some macho numbers!!!!!
  5. I think the before was 66bhp and 130Nm of torque. No idea what the new numbers are.
  6. :tantrum: Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?

    Are you commmpppppleeetely insaaaanneee!!!!


    Get thee down to a dyno and calibrate the seat of your pants!


    Oh man.... that's like foreplay without the pay off.... :tantrum:

    ...too much chocolate! :rofl:
  7. Can you tell I don't really care much about the numbers? :p Theoretically, it should be around 75bhp and 150Nm now, but no way to actually tell at this stage. All I care about is ridability, and its definately improved.

    Anyway... the last part arrived this morning. Ordered on Wednesday at around midday, and its on my desk this (Tuesday) morning. Thats not bad for basic post from the US! So now I have my baffle and end cap ready to go. Looks good, should sound totally awesome.
  8. Ooooo..goody....Chairman lights gas-axe, fits new disc to angle grinder, polishes mash-hammer, prepares sacrifice to St D-Day...

    Otter: I'll tell you what. We'll tell Fred you were doing a great job taking care of his car, but you parked it out back last night and in the morning, it was gone. We report it to the police, D-Day takes care of the wreck, the insurance company buys your brother a new car.
    Flounder: Will that work?
    D-Day: [firing up blow-torch] There you go now, just leave everything to me.

    Animal House, 1978
  9. I can just see the evil glint in your eye Chairman. On most people I'd wonder what they were up to. In your case... I know!
  10. Well, the final exhaust mod is now installed. Chairman got his wish - after looking at seeing it was just a couple of screws and 2 holes to drill, he looked somewhat disappointed. Then he discovered one of the screws wasn't going to come out easily. His eyes lit up and he went looking for a hammer...

    Exhaust looks much better and has a meaty sound to match the large bore engine. Rides nicely still. Cars are keeping thier distance at the rear now - none of them seem to want to get too close. I can live with that.

    So now its onto cosmetics alone - bags, etc. Time for some more online shopping.