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Charging System on SRX 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hello, I have an Yamaha 85 SRX 250, old bike, have had to slowly change some bits an bobs but sofar its has taken me to work and back for for some 3-4 months now... only problem is that the battery has gone flat on me a few times now.. bought another battery, which held obn for a month or so, until it went flat after a particularly sh..y day at work, and it has done now a few times.. it must not be charging as when you revv it whith light on, doesnt go brighter or anything, plus its on its second battery and it should not happen.. ride at night to work (35-40 kms) to night shift, in the morning im running up and down the carpark..its a joke!!
    Now. manual reckons there three parts to it, stator coil, regulator\rectifier and main fuse.. the fuse on the bike was held with sticky tape, and at the parts place they told they had never seen that type of fuse (a black little box maybe 1.5x3 cms, so they told me to get a fuse box with a 20 amp fuse on it (the original part said 20 amps), done that. I cleaned all the couplings, some of them were full of rust and white green crap, now i need a reg\rect.. aha!! the bike is frkn old and not very common.. askd a wrecker over th ph...about 100 bucks, of another wreck... new from Yamaha.. about $200, 300, from Japan....
    Now.. how reliable is one going to be from a wreck...? maybe sitting on the arin for ages.. and 200 bucks seems kind of steep for the bike..
    Is there a similar model of another bike that I can use? The guy at the wrecker said, he wasn't sure, but 'THERE IS NO RETURN ON ELECTRICAL PARTS"
    Maybe 20 years later there is now a different type of reg\rec I can put instead..
    Please give me some of that vast knowledge and experience to help guide my decision!!

  2. To get you out of trouble until someone more knowledgeable than me solves your problem, you could take a battery charger to work with you to top it up while its parked there.
  3. It is very unlikely that the Yam rec/reg was a particularly unique design. There's a lot of interchangeability in such components. For example, I used Honda CB250N rec/regs on my Suzuki GSX550 for years 'cos they were cheap and plentiful.

    I'm not familiar with the SRX so I can't advise exactly what will interchange. However there will almost certainly be a cheaper, more available alternative out there.
  4. :rofl:I have!! Damn thing digs into my back... at least it starts... I guess its back to the car to hunt at the wreckers!!