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Charging problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Yamusa, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I have a Yamaha AG200E that appears to have a charging problem. I put a new battery in it then ran it around for some time before it started to run badly and then not at all. After leaving it for about 10 minutes it would start but not run for long. I dismantled the carby but all was good, replaced the spark plug and checked the resistance of the primary and secondary coils against another similar coil I had and was about the same. Checked battery voltage and this was very low. Charged battery and this fixed the running problem, but checking voltage while running and with lights on dropped to 11.5 volts and going down further. I have no wiring diagram but would appreciate any help in fixing this problem, thanks, Bill

  2. Sounds like your regulator / rectifier is cactus.
  3. Yeah, Banana is right. I had the same problem last year. New regulator is usually pretty easy to swap out, so long as its not in some weird spot
  4. Likely to be the reg/rec or alternator. Might be lucky and have a bad connection somewhere - clean battery terminals and check fuses whilst you're at it (I have no idea if there is a fuse that is relevant, but it's easy to check).
    The workshop manual will have a testing procedure for each of these - do a good google search for a .pdf version of the manual, or yamaha/ebay/bike wreckers/2nd hand or technical book shops for a real one.
  5. Thanks, you were all right - a new regulator/rectifier fixed the problem. As a matter of interest to those searching for a service manual search for tradebit dot com (unable to post link as I am a newbie) . I was able to find a manual for a similar model engine wise (ie a fat wheel TW200 Trailway in America appears to be identical to our AG200E in the motor/gearbox/electrical area) and download as a pdf for about $8.40 AUD. Cheers
  6. On behalf of all of us here, you are welcome Yamusa.
    Just remember that strangers on public forums are always right and have all the answers to all your questions - no matter how esoteric. :-w