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Charging for no work..SA

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rodgonzbea, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Hi.. after havng bikes in my late teens.. after 5 kids ive decided to go back to havng a little fun.. to cut the story short i bought an old SRX 250 (Yamaha) for a bargain price.. heard and saw it run, loaded in my trailer..took it home... after a week or so had a chance to play with it..flat battery.. anyway couldnt get it going and i figured it would need a service anyway.. took it to Show n Go, in Brighton, SA.. They tell me about 200-250 for service.. So I leave the bike.. they call me next day" Mate..your bike is fkd.., no compression, you are up to $80 already.. itll cost you at least 3-400$ what do we do" so..what did you do..? I ask.." Mate I started it ..thn couldnt start it again so we did a compression test.. its pushing 90 psi..so its fkd...we'll buy it of you.. but its not really worth fixing.." OK.. havng had plenty of bombs in my younger years..you know that there must be a reason for low compression... (duh). apart from "being fkd"..so i say leave it ..i'll go see and have a chat..
    'Neway I get there and th lad tells me the same story.. I ask well.. whats wrong with it.. he says its "broken inside".. C'mon..im not that blond or pretty.. as a mechanic you should know.. or at least have a guess.. did you open it.. "no.. he says we tried to get it going..charged the battery (i knew it was flat.. i told them so b4 dropping it off)had it going but then it stopped.. we then did a compression test. it was only 95 psi.. so we stopped there.. " its obviously fkd.. you bought a piece of shit.. but well buy it off you.. for parts.. ".. so i tell them it took you a whole hour to start it and do a compression test.. your official diagnostic is there is something broken inside, im no mechaniv but i know that it could be rings, valves, or maybe its fkd... keep in mind I sAW IT GOING.......jump started bcoz of weak battery.. but it run..and idled...and it wasnt smoking...... So i owe them 80 $$ for the labour, and the battery charge.. HE WOULDNT EVEN HELP ME PUT IT BACK ON THE TRAILER!!!!
    Almost broken hearted I loaded my midlife crisis in the trailer.. i can hear my wife thnkng.... mmmm told you so.. and just in case i stop at GC motorcycles on South road... Their mechaninc tells me..sounds like a b'sht diagnosis.. leave it if you want.. $80 to open her up.. and ill tell you whats wrong.... i reckon its valves...
    With some hope we took her off the trailer and left it.. nxt day he calls me.. opend her up.. shim kits are buggered, thats why the low compression.. well get it running and fixd for 200... =D>
    So he did.. i pcked it up.. through inexperience I stalled and broke down on the way home.. called the shop and HE CAME TO ME AND GOT ME GOING AGAIN!! AND EVEN FOLLOWED ME TO PETROL STATION TO MAKE SURE I WAS WELL ON MY WAY..
    So i recommend CG motorcycles... Don and his boys dont always have a mechanic.. but at least theyl tell you whats wrong and how much to fix.... no bullshit.. I know i have other bits to get on top of.. but when i get to the point when you actually need to pay someone who knows what they are doing.. I know who to go to... And definetly stay away from SHOW N GO...!!!

  2. after 5 kids

    and enough life experience to know when you are being conned :LOL:

    good call

    When you get it all sorted out, you should do a 'Pretty Woman' and ride back to the first shop and park outside for a while :rofl:......
  3. Consumer Affairs are your friend.
  4. I thought about it.. but on the receipt.. he wrote "labour".. and.. you know that at the end.. ill get nowhere.. you know when you are fighting a losing battle.. the monkey in front of you will not budge, you get pissed off, but at the end of the day you are in their shop..nah.. i won't come back..and with the dinosaur im riding i need a good mechanic..probably often(y)..and of course Ill tell everyone that wants to hear that they suck!!!
  5. Hate to burst your bubble, but $80 is about the MINIMUM hourly rate for a bike mechanic in my experience. And they charge in hour blocks, so 5 mins or 55 you pay for the hour.

    Even if all they did was attempt to start it, remove battery, charge battery, re-install battery, attempt to start it, perform compression test... all adds up. At least they called you before they did anything major - what if they'd cracked the case and found the piston and/or cylinder walls were f*cked? You'd be up for a couple of hundred in labour then for the inspection let alone any repairs/replacement, and still have a rooted bike. Just hypothetical, but sh*t happens.

    It sounds like they weren't interested in helping you out, which is a bit sh*t of them. Fair enough to let anyone else know how you were treated, but I don't think you'd have a leg to stand on with consumer affairs.

    Glad the guys down the road got you sorted. It's nice when you find someone who is actually interested in helping you out rather than just taking your money.
  6. Fair enough.. like you say, I reckon that what pissed me off was their attitude.. i guess it could have been a lot worse... cut your losses and go for plan B.. it worked out ok at the end.. my little rattler goes and thats the important thing no????
  7. That's it, and they've lost a customer by being d*cks. It's a bit like Natural Selection meets Free Market Economy.

    Enjoy getting back into it!
  8. Sounds like they wanted your bike :evil:

    It would have taken 5 of the 60 mins they charged you for to whip off the valve cover & check the shims...