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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by hyper24, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Need to charge my CBR, the battery is under the seat yes?

    Does the seat just screw out and can I just hook up a normal car charger?

    Also when the bike is running, what should the voltage be, as I want to test to see if the alternator is dead and not charging the battery or its just a flat battery.

    Thank you.
  2. Make sure you disconnect the battery before putting the charger on it, otherwise you may damage the regulator/rectifier. Also check the electrolyte level in the cells.
    The bike should have around 12.5v at idle, which should rise to 13.5v at a fast idle/ slow takeoff rpm, and should peak around 14.5- 15v at cruise rpms.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. The battery says DO NOT OPEN, and DO NOT ADD WATER.

    Theres a bit that you must peel off to get to the electrolytes and it says must not come off, its an 89 CBR.
  4. So dont peel anything off and dont add anything.

    Just wack a charger on it and see how it goes.

    Worse case scenario, $80 for a battery
  5. It charges, but the bike doesnt start.

    I think ive flooded it, ill hook it up to a car battery and just keep cranking it to burn the excess fuel off.

    Should i just keep cranking with the choke closed/open?

    In another thread, i think someone said to keep the choke closed but the throttle wide open and keep cranking? he said it worked for him but it doesnt sound right.
  6. If the bike is flooded, you need to hold the throttle on wide open and crank it. Opening the throttle maximises the vaccum (how do you spell that?) and sucks the excess fuel though the system. So full throttle it is. :)
  7. Okai, but with choke open or closed?
    Im guessing close because why would you wany more fuel correct?

    Isnt holding the throttle open when you crank it how you flood the bike in the first place?

    How do you flood a bike so I know not to do it next time, dont give it so much throttle? but to unflood you give it full throttle?
  8. I wouldn't be using the choke.


    You flood the bike by opening the throttle when you're not cranking it. :wink: :)

    You shouldn't need to give it any throttle when you crank it if it's not already flooded. If you do, then keep it to a minimum. People flood their bike (and car) most commonly because for some reason they think they should give the throttle a pump or two before hitting the starter. The need to do this means the fuel is not getting to the carby as easily as it should and can indicate a problem in itself.

    While, on the topic, if you're finding the bike is commonly flooded in the morning, make sure you turm the fuel tap to 'off' over night if the tap has that position. Never leave the tap in the 'prime' position. Prime is designed to put fuel into the carby, not stop it. :)

    Edit: just to answer your last question. Yes, to unflood, hold the throttle fully open and hold down the starter button. :)
  9. Ive never owned a carby fed car that started easily without abit of gas (unless ofcourse it had been recently started)...

    Im far from an expert on the subject but from my experience you have to go pretty overboard to flood it...
  10. Some cars do need it. The 6 cars have had before my new one were all carby fed, and none of them ever needed any throttle. They weren't new either, ranging from 71-87. However, I do have a boat with a 308 that does need one pump before cold starting. The thing is though, the pump actually floods it, then it starts with the throttle held down. If it hasn't been started in a few weeks, I have to take off the air filter and spash fuel directly into the carby. I assume (though I'm no mechanic) what's happening is that fuel in the carby leaks through the system when the engine isn't running, so needs to be primed (by deliberately flooding) before it'll start again. I'd guess that's a problem in itself, and if it's happening, it's probably worth getting the carby looked at. *now expecting a mechanicaly minded person to rebut devestatingly*

    I haven't had the boat looked at simply because there's zero noise restictions on boats (thus it's set up for performance alone with disregard to other peoples eardrums) and it sounds fcuking cool when it starts at full throttle. :twisted:
  11. Thanks guys, got it started. Hooked it up to my car battery and got it unflooded.

    Now should the bike start with just the choke on and pressing the start button.

    If i need to give it some throttle to start does this mean something is wrong?