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Charged for road rage?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. From the ABC new website.
    Driver accused of trying to run down cyclists
    A man has been charged with negligent and dangerous driving after allegedly trying to run down a group of cyclists in southern Sydney.

    Police say about 20 cyclists were riding along General Holmes Drive at Brighton Le Sands early yesterday morning when a man drove his car towards them from a service station driveway.

    One of the cyclists had an argument with the man and it is alleged he later crossed three lanes of traffic towards the cyclists, narrowly missing one of them.

    He is due to face Downing Centre Local Court next month.

    Would like to know how the laying of charges came about. Did the cyclists make the complaint and act as witnesses(non-independant) or was there someone else(independant) that acted as a witness? Given the recent posts on intent to harm during road rage incidents, it would be interesting to see a case like this actually go through the entire process so we know what is required to get these morons dealt with.

    Not sure how he can be charged with "negligent" driving if he deliberately went after them. "Dangerous" driving fits the bill but not negligent. Wouldn't assault be more appropriate. I was told by a work collegue who has a security guard licence that if you have a gun on the job, even taking it out of it's holster when confronting someone is considered assault unless it is justified. Surely almost running someone over with the intent of making them think you were going to is pretty much the same thing.
  2. I read about this on one of the news sites., I cant remember if it was news.com.au or smh.com.au

    It mentioned that one of the cyclists was a off duty cop. I guess it is the only way someone can be charged, is if it happens to a cop.
  3. Would certainly help. I wonder if a stat dec from someone like a JP or similar would suffice ie. they witnessed the incident. I know that a military officer of at least 6.5 years service can endorse stat decs similarly to a JP.
  4. Yeh, taking it out of the holster is a big no no unless ya gonna
    pump lead into someones torso.

    Not sure how the negligent charges comes into the scheme of what
    happened. I can only think maybe thats the charge bc no contact
    was made with the cyclists??

    No idea there sorry.