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VIC Chapel street lanesplitting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. a warning to any posers riding up chapel street in the next couple of days... yesterday we saw an unmarked police car pulling up bikes for lanesplitting on Chapel street.
    The unmarked car was white and shiny and new... thats the extent of my knowledge of cars ;)
    there was also a marked car doing a couple of laps.

    just keep your eyes open :)

  2. Just wondering... hasn't the LH side of the road in Chapel St become a bicycle lane (except approaching intersections). Just thinking maybe they are more intent on enforcing the bike lane issue (as they are in Rathdowne St, for example) than splitting per se. Depends on exactly where they are grabbing riders I suppose.
  3. Lanesplitting? As in riding along the diagonally-lined section down the middle of the road? Not surprised they're getting done for it, that's a bit different to lane-splitting on a four (or more) laned road!
  4. Hadn't thought of that section. It's supposed to be a no-go zone to protect the hordes of (jay-walking) pedestrians. Definitely an issue if your riding there!
  5. the guy i saw pulled up was splitting between a tram and a line of cars... he split right next to the cop at the front of the lights then cop cut him off.
    He was not in the bike lane or down the middle.
  6. Maybe he got done for passing a statonairy tram and not lanesplitting as such?
  7. Did the cop indicate before Cutting him off?
    Or could teh cop be nabbed for changing lanes without indicating?
  8. Do you reckon he was on a mission to nab lane-splitters, or possibly just responded to what may have been perceived as a stupid bit of riding?
    It'd be interesting to know whether it was a planned operation, or just a spur of the moment decsion on the part of the cop.
  9. Yeah that little striped bit is where the ginos wheelie their gixxers.
  10. I nearly lane split right beside the filth this morning. I Began to power down, change from 2nd to 1st and pull in to the center when I saw the coppa right up the front of the queue. It must of looked really unco seeing me wobble back into my lane and slowely pull up at an angle behind the car in front....whoops.
  11. the lights on the tram were not flashing.

    cars..//tram//bike//cop car
    make more sense?

    the unmarked cop car was doing laps, we saw him pulling over other vechicles also :)
  12. The only time I've been done for riding in a bike lane was in chapel street *sigh* 2 minutes from home and get done. Thinking about it, it might have been around this time last year it happened.
  13. :wink: Thats quite a generalisation! I happen to like to pizzas at the Lucky Coq for $4 Monday to Thursday. :p

    Thanks for the heads up. Im sure its not just lanesplitting that they are targeting...we all have our demons/short comings.

  14. Another generalisation!!! Ill have you know im no Gino! :grin: and I dont ride a Gixxer :cool:

  15. Passing between the parked cars and a tram would be deemed to be passing on the left which is illegal no?

    Passing on the right in those gino lanes should be legal?
  16. No .. unless the tram has the flashing lights warning an impending stop, or is stationery that is completely legal and what you are suppossed to do.
  17. Chapel St always has a high Police presence especially on Friday & Saturday nights for obvious reasons. They've also been know to be out and about during the day on weekends if the weathers good.

    A mate of mine was in the towing trade several years ago and one of our Saturday night activities was to sit in one of the car parks watching the roadworthy & breath tests and the reactions to the many and varied offences the drivers got done for. Cars & bikes would be sent down a side street and then into one ofthe car parks which the local SES would have lit up like a christmas tree. I really loved the Ferrari driver who argued for 25 minutes that "Mya Ferrari dona needa fronta numa plate" they let him off with a warning only to pull him in 40 minutes later and didn't let him off a second time (got sick of him cutting laps) :LOL:
  18. Its just chappel.. They do anyone for anything because they know every1 is a bunch of posers. I nearly got defected back in the days for my done up civic..

    Remember (I quote Vic): TO SERVE & COLLECT
  19. I assumed that by splitting they were doing it whilst the traffic was moving.
    Anything else is simply riding.
  20. yeah theres that nazi biker cop as well, just sits in a side street and waits for someone to do something wrong.

    Its hard to stick behind cars on Chappel when theres just a big open space to slip in between.