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channel ONE

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by HANDSY, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. does anyone know why the tvguide, both in the paper, on the internet, is always completely different to whats actually on? once again i turn on my tv very keen to watch nba360 and yet i tune in to see tiger woods going for a ping.

  2. are you on the right day?
  3. haha yes, this isnt the first time its happened. on the channel 10 website it says nba360 should be on, tvguide.com.au says the same...
  4. Think yourself lucky you can get ch1 :?
    3k worth of HD plasma is no good if the good stuff isnt broadcast :roll:
    "Coming soon" apparently:)
  5. And most of the sports won't be native HD anyway, just simulcast SD, with a higher bit rate. The SD and HD services have suffered with the simulcast as they are bandwidth limited.
  6. Try yourtv.com.au, usually on the money.
  7. my TV also told me that it was NBA360 but I don't know what was actually on as I went to the learner ride instead
  8. watch less TV.
    Surf more pR0N
  9. With the introduction of ONE Digital/HD - I've noticed that Channel 10's HD channel is no more - how do we watch channel 10 shows in HD now?
  10. You don't. They ditched it. There is no more HD content on 10 other than sport. And most of the sport on HD is SD, upscaled to HD, with a slightly better bit rate than SD.
  11. At least the range of sports covered is good.
    Come on Southern Cross 10 pull finger out :evil:
  12. The real downside is that their true HD content is basically zero.

    And now living in the rural backwater that is Cairns, I realise what regional areas have been putting up with for years.