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Channel Nine news 23/11/11 6pm - report segment: Modern cars are causing loss of driving skill

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I caught an ad for nine's 6pm news, for a segment/report about modern cars and driving skill. It seems to feature a MUARC report (can't find a link to it) and the topic that modern cars with many self drive features and gizmos are causing a drop off in driver skill.

    Ah yes, I can hear the collective "No shit sherlock!".

    I can't find a link advertising the report on the ninemsn website but keep an eye out for it in tonight's news or an ad about it during the day. This might feed directly/nicely into into the SMIDSY campaign. Infact, if anyone has access to facebook SMIDSY page, it might do well to give it a heads up.

  2. Modern cars are just lounge rooms with wheels, far too many distractions, and sometimes the new safety features make people think they're invincible in a car.
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  3. (y) Most definitely.

    I was watching show from the UK, "Interceptors" I think it was called, on PayTv and one of the coppers made a statement to the affect "If they replaced airbags with metal spikes, the roads would be a lot safer".
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  4. Biggest distraction is the use of mobile phones, and manufactures are putting all kinds of aids to help people do everything in a car apart from drive!
  5. Biggest issue is that muarc cant see the benefits of better driver training so take the easy way out by recommending reducing speed and more enforcement by stealth.
  6. Eh, not necessarily. Prior to the 1950s cars had next to no consideration for passive or active safety, with metal dashboards which could cut or slice or crush, steering columns which would impale, foot controls which would break ankles, and people did plenty of crashing back then too.

    The actual likelihood of an individual having a crash at any given time is relatively low, and so people become complacent because their driving behaviours didn't get them involved in an accident today, or yesterday, or the day before that, or...
  7. I love latest release of cars (yes, I realise others have 'been there, done that' already) such as the Ford Focus Titanium, which self reverses/parks itself !
    I'd love to see someone attempt to reverse park, out of their own 'recency' when the 'autopilot' decides to one day shit itself !
    Automation improves overall safety..and comfort...but only in specific fields, ladies & gentlemen ;)
  8. Yeh but spots, if they put a dirty great spike on the steering wheel, the danger would be clear... Unlike a similar danger from an aluminium dash.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  9. Obvious news is obvious.
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  10. :? was that an attempt at a meaningful contri? lol
  11. Correct, but I think you missed the point. Obviously it wouldn't be safer in a crash, however you could probably expect less crashes.

    Imagine the caution people would drive with if metal there were metal spikes on the wheel instead of an airbag? A minor accident or collision with a bike wouldn't be so minor anymore (welcome to the world of motorcycling) and drivers might start paying a little more attention.

  12. Never a truer word spoken.

    After being smidsyed without the "smidsy" (trying to blame me despite me travelling straight and having the right of way for oncoming turning traffic!) last week i just can't think of a better statement than that for cagers of which i am now for a while.
  13. I still disagree that people would not become complacent. People would grow weary of trundling around everywhere at walking pace for fear of being impaled, because after a while the threat's ever-present but still hasn't pounced - even when they start driving at 60 again. Or 100. You could go decades driving around with a spike in front of you exactly as you do today and never experience the threatened 'consequence'.

    What about lack of seatbelts prior to the 1960s? It doesn't take a rocket-surgeon to realise (or observe in media or IRL) that you'll be ****ed up either due to impact with the cabin or outright ejection in a crash if there's no occupant restraint (and even then there's a 3% chance of ejection despite lap-sash seatbelt use).

    The "It won't happen to me" mentality associated with high-consequence low-risk incidents, where people project an egocentric view that the person who got hurt was doing something inherantly unsafe or somehow abnormal while their own habits MUST be 100% safe because they haven't been harmed yet is part of the problem. "Anyone who's ever crashed must be a hoon doing 50+ over and chucking wheelies, because I drive at 59kph in a 60 zone and I've never had an accident."

    e.g. J-walking in the Brisbane CBD is 8x more likely to result in being smacked by a car than crossing on the green man. 1 in every 166666 illegal crossings. How many times have you crossed a road either not at a formal crossing or on a red signal today? In a year? A decade? You could probably go a lifetime never using a signalised crossing without ever being struck, so clearly anyone who does get hit must be a risk-taking idiot playing chicken with cars instead of crossing illegally but smartly.
  14. Regarding your allusion, you kinda said it yourself - If bikes are far more high consequence than cars that nobody would ever crash one, then why are 50% of casualty bike incidents single-vehicle?

    I should say, I'm only ranting about the ancient "spike in steering wheel means zero accidents" thing. Driver-aids deskilling or distracting is another issue altogether.
  15. No, not modern cars. It's MUARC that has caused widespread loss of driving skill. For ten years it has pushed the barrow of increasing travel times equalling road safety, and vociferously opposed driver training at every opportunity, and now it is coming home to roost.


    If they weren't primarily concerned with their own empire-building they would have taken notice of the international research that refutes their findings. But they are too deep into their own shit to see that.

  16. Spots, my comment, like the coppers on the show, was very tongue in cheek.

    Lets think about it for a minute. What makes us believe there has been an overall decrease in driving skills?

    Is it that more people are dieing on the roads? NO.

    Is it an increase in accident rates? Not sure about that, but my guess would be no.

    So why then?
  17. Rob - Adam here, just a quick note to say cheers for posting this.

    Having clocked the thread early enough in the day we were able to contact nine news about SMIDSY, drivers sharing the road, staying alert and being aware of vulnerable road users like motorcyclists.

    They've just left the building and I thought it a good time to finally post on Netrider. Though you never know how the final edit will look it's only because of the heads-up on here we were able to provide a platform for SMIDSY related concerns.

    Well spotted!
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  18. Excellent!!
  19. God it's so good having someone on your side that actually knows what they're doing.
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  20. :woot:

    and yet I reckon I know what the solution will be, more speed camera and fines to change driver attitude.... because they save all the problems